Mohit Bhakuni
Founder & CEO



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Mohit Bhakuni is the Founder & CEO of Contify. Contify is a one-stop market and Competitive Intelligence Platform to track information on competitors, customers, and industry segments. Bhakuni has 21 years in the computer software industry. He began his career in 2000.

Before joining Contify, Bhakuni was a deputy general manager at and before that a head – online operations at The Indian Express Online Media Ltd. Earlier in his career he worked with Deloitte Consulting as a consultant.

Bhakuni graduated from INSEAD with an MBA and from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi with an undergraduate degree in mechanical.



  1. Mohit’s greatest strength is his vision. It is this vision which helped Contify metamorphize it into what it is today – a pioneer in the market and competitive intelligence space. Being from the engineering background, Mohit also has excellent analytical skills, and thus most of his decisions are data-driven. Usually a humble and soft-spoken person, Mohit can be quite persuasive when it comes to the growth of the organization and its employees. He loves to mentor his team and help them unleash their true potential, and possesses the core qualities of a leader. His objectivity allows him to have a game-changing perspective, whether it comes to business or relationships. A genuine and sincere person, he always has the trust of his team and clients. Mohit is also a person of exceptional focus, one who knows when to pivot and flex to reach his goals. This focus grants him a methodical approach amidst ambiguity, bringing stability while making bold moves in business. Combined with agility, it also makes him quick in identifying and picking up opportunities. Mohit is passionate about Contify and believes in collaboration, and meetings with him are coherent and purposeful. He perseveres, but listens. He loves action or execution, but not to the point of being impulsive. Under his leadership, Contify has achieved unparalleled success in the market and competitive intelligence business landscape. All of this, combined with his willingness to do what is right and the ability to see all sides of any issue, is what sets him apart.

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  2. He thrives for innovative ideas and the best part is he encourages young talent to try out new things. Promotes reading habit in his organization.

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