Molly Matthews



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  1. Molly Matthews is the Chief Executive Officer at Pushpay, the leading payments and engagement solutions provider for the faith-based, non-profit and education sectors. Molly has been with Pushpay for nearly five years, previously serving as Chief Customer Officer, where she was responsible for growing the existing customer base by ensuring customers had an excellent experience from implementation through to renewal. Her passion for customers and genuine care for others led to success in her past role and current one as CEO. As CEO, she leverages her deep customer knowledge to ensure continued value for customers — both prospective and existing– and drives new initiatives that will accelerate company growth and market penetration. She works closely with employees and has her ear to the ground on industry movement. For example, Molly leads quarterly meetings with the company’s top competitors, setting up time with their executives to discuss business, trends, pain points, and the industry at large. This provides space to have open and honest conversations that ultimately allow Pushpay to better serve its customers. Molly has a heart for serving and a unique passion for investing time in the people around her. She’s a soulful leader who cares deeply for each employee and the workplace culture they operate within. At Pushpay, she holds an open-door policy to promote transparency and familiarity within the company so that any employee feels comfortable talking with her. She prioritizes making individuals feel valued at all levels, which starts with making time for her people. Molly consistently builds time into her schedules to meet with employees of all levels to discuss concerns, growth, and more. It’s these tactics that make her a successful leader and CEO. Lastly, Molly stepped into the CEO role in the midst of the business combination process following a recent acquisition. Her leadership, clear communication, transparent goals and care for company culture has created unity in the organization and an environment where employees feel valued and know how their role helps the company achieve its goals.

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