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Neil Carson began his professional career 28 years ago. Today, he is the CEO of Yellowbrick Data. Yellowbrick is the world’s fastest data warehouse for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Carson first got his start in 1993 as a consultant at RISC Systems Engineering. From there, he went on to Causality Ltd, before eventually rising to technical advisor at Oxygen Finance, his most recent position prior to joining Yellowbrick Data.

Carson earned an undergraduate degree in computer software engineering from Cranfield University.



  1. Neil Carson brings to Yellowbrick technical vision and execution, speed of delivery for disruptive technologies, willingness to buck trends and revisit & challenge conventional wisdom. Neil is a truly unique and visionary technology leader who has the vision to see where the market is going and weave together multiple technologies to solve complex problems. As with many successful startup leaders, Neil is an iconoclast and sees things differently from many people; he’s completely unafraid to tackle huge technology challenges and has the ability to rally teams behind him. During his career, Neil was the first to figure out how to use SSD and flash memory in an at-scale, enterprise data warehouse, essentially bringing “in-memory” performance to any size data set. While at Yellowbrick, Neil also developed a series of patented technologies that have completely changed the architecture of data warehouses and also concepted a truly cloud-native data warehouse.

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