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Nick is CEO of Gainsight, the Customer Success company that helps businesses improve customer retention, accelerate expansion and capitalize on customer advocacy. He works with a team of nearly 700 (affectionately nicknamed) “Gainsters.” Together, they’ve created the customer success category that’s currently taking over the SaaS business model worldwide. Under Nick’s leadership, Gainsight has built an award-winning company culture that is frequently recognized in numerous lists as a “Great Place to Work,” including Inc., Fortune, Glassdoor, Silicon Valley Business Journal, and more.

At the beginning of his career, Nick and some college classmates started online golf retailer during the “dotcom” era. After that, Nick joined VERITAS Software as a Product Manager and over time became a VP and GM of a division of the company, which then became part of Symantec. Nick’s first CEO role was running the Summit-backed SaaS company, LiveOffice, which grew substantially and eventually sold to Symantec.

Nick has been named one of the Top SaaS CEOs by the Software report three years in a row, one of the Top CEOs of 2018 by Comparably, was a finalist for EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and holds one of highest Glassdoor approval ratings for CEOs. On top of all that, he was recently rated the #1 CEO in the world (the award committee was just his mom, but the details are irrelevant).

Nick is the co-author of “Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue,” the authoritative book on the field. He’s also an avid reader and is always excited to geek out about the measurement problem in quantum mechanics, the hard problem of consciousness and whether time really exists.



  1. Nick is the ultimate leader – a human-first leader. Not only does he lead a profitable company, he’s developed an award-winning culture. He read every single feedback given to the company, from Glassdoor reviews, to anonymous suggestions, and he responds to each and everyone with a solution. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind at work that he truly cares about the people. It shows in his leadership and how he interacts with everyone. People don’t only like him because he’s a good person, they trust his leadership and direction – even when he admits mistakes. The success of the company, and the careers and livelihood of all employees are and will be a direct result of his leadership.

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  2. Nick has helped Gainsight raise a total of $159 million in series funding. More recently, the company had a record setting fiscal year in 2017, and has seen revenue increase by more than 1000%. In addition, Nick runs the company a little differently than your normal Silicon Valley CEO. His leadership style was shaped by his parents, the two people he looks up to most – above all other mentors and influencers in his life. Family to Nick is the cornerstone of who he is. Driven by his deep connection to family, he preaches and teaches a balanced work life that allows him to be the dad he wants to be for his children (including being home to eat dinner every night at 6pm). His children have inspired him to instill a child-like-joy in his employees, that he warmly refers to Gainsters, as he sees that his children have a freedom and lack of cynicism that he admires. He and Gainsight are both rooted in values and principals including the Golden Rule, Shoshin and Servant Leadership. Nick uses humor as a catalyst to break down walls typically found in boardrooms, sales meetings and conference calls. He lends a humanistic approach to the work that he does, and believes there’s nothing more important to the bottom line than being obsessed with customer success.

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