Nicole Davison
Chief Revenue Officer
Vectorworks, Inc.



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Nicole joined Vectorworks in 2021 as Chief Revenue Officer. Vectorworks is a global design and BIM software leader serving 650,000+ professionals in the architecture, landscape and entertainment industries.

Previously, she was an Account Executive at Experian.

She graduated from University of Arizona – Eller College of Management with an undergraduate degree in Finance.



  1. Since I have known Nicole, her understanding of the markets in which she works and her command of the revenue numbers the company produces has been breathtaking. This, combined with a strong strategic focus, means that both current and upcoming needs are included in plans for future sales development of the company. She leads with a mindset of positivity and collaboration that both encourages trust and a desire to outperform in the global direct sales and channel partner teams she leads. However, she also delegates readily and appropriately, empowering her colleagues and reports to perform and grow themselves.

    Mid-Level Professional, submitted on

  2. Nicole is one of the most hardworking and reliable colleagues that I’ve ever worked with. I’m most impressed with her ability to adapt to the changes around the world that affect our sales and software business, most recently and notably during the global COVID-19 pandemic. With her leadership, the company managed to still have a good year financially and didn’t have to lay anyone off. Finally, it’s inspiring to see a successful, female, and senior leader in the technology field, which is primarily dominated by men.

    Staff, submitted on

  3. Nicole possesses a constant thirst for knowledge, superb analytical intellect, and the resolve to think and act strategically, which results in consistent sales success for Vectorworks. She has a passion for customer success, understanding the customer, and customer pain points, and instills this passion throughout her entire sales organization. She leads by example. She is a leader with strong character, and is integral to a diverse, innovative, and collaborative culture within the company.

    Senior-Level Professional, submitted on

  4. Nicole has a strong passion for success. She’s a big picture thinker and and amazes me how she stays on top of every small detail at the same time. She provides a positive and open environment for all members of her team from entry to high level positions and challenges them equally to strive further in their roles.

    Mid-Level Professional, submitted on

  5. Analytical Vision Great negotiation skills Able to make hard brave decisions

    Mid-Level Professional, submitted on

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