Nicole Smith
VP of Marketing



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  1. Empathy, compassion, inclusivity – Nicole goes above and beyond for and with her team, ensuring we have the resources we need to be successful, investing in our personal lives, and raising voices from a range of perspectives. She is thoughtful and deliberate about keeping wellness at the forefront of our team mission. Clarity of vision – Nicole consistently maintains and shares a clear vision for our team goals, how they map to the larger organizational goals, and ensures we each feel aligned to the plan for how we’ll get there. She is steadfast but never afraid to pivot and flex, which is a critical skill in our scrappy startup world. Collaboration & transparency – Nicole never does anything in a silo. She is always willing to roll up her sleeves and do the work, and also looks for ways to help every teammate grow. This showcases her innate focus on being a part of the team, not just directing it while also uplifting each of her team and community members. Community-builder – Nicole is a force multiplier and deeply talented at building connections and relationships between teams members, across teams, between orgs, and beyond. Made clear in her role at Tackle as well as her leadership as a chapter head for Pavilion (previously Revenue Collective), she is always finding ways to help people connect more with one another, raise new voices, and reach their own goals.

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