Pamela Curtis
VP Process Engineering



  • Top Women Leaders 2021


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Pamela D. Curtis is vice president of Process Engineering at Axio Global, Inc., where she conducts cyber insurance coverage analysis, participates on client delivery teams for workshops, appraisals, and model-based improvement, and contributes to the evolution and codification of Axio’s foundational processes and methods.

Previously, at the CERT Division of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Melon University, Pamela conducted analytical studies and investigations and developed models, tools, and assessments related to improving and measuring the resilience of critical infrastructure. Prior to her time at CERT, Pamela had over 25 years of experience in the information technology domain as a systems analyst, programmer, process improvement team leader, technical communicator, and manager.



  1. Pamela Curtis has the unique ability to condense highly technical cyber risk management topics into easy-to-understand resources that get used and cherished by a large audience. She helped me a lot in the early days of organizing my thoughts in the development of CERT-RMM—so much so, that I hired her into our Risk and Resilience team…and the rest is history.

    Staff, submitted on

  2. Impactful. Pamela is the mastermind and author of the majority of help text, Q&A’s, and implementation guides in Axio’s software. Which means that her guidance and advice is used by the thousands of organizations that use Axio’s software to run their cybersecurity programs.

    Senior-Level Professional, submitted on

  3. Trustworthy Pamela is a great relationship builder and has consistently created lasting value, confidence and trust with her customers and colleagues that continue to bring value far beyond the timeline of discrete projects.

    Senior-Level Professional, submitted on

  4. Calm. Pamela has consistently demonstrated an assertive calmness in times of high pressure, can always be counted on to make clear and logical decisions, and has been a valuable mentor to her colleagues and peers.

    Senior-Level Professional, submitted on

  5. Knowledgeable Pamela’s extensive knowledge has helped guide better decision-making in areas of great complexity and uncertainty.

    Senior-Level Professional, submitted on

  6. Precise. If you want something to get done with the utmost consideration and quality, have Pamela lead the initiative!

    Senior-Level Professional, submitted on

  7. Empathetic. Pamela truly cares about her customers and inspires her team to build the best solution for their needs.

    Senior-Level Professional, submitted on

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