Peter Coppinger



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Peter Coppinger began his professional career 22 years ago. Today, he is the CEO of Teamwork. Teamwork provides web-based project and groupware management tools designed to help teams work together online.

Coppinger first got his start in 1999 as a director at Digital Crew.

Coppinger graduated from Cork Institute of Technology.



  1. Work ethic. Peter is one of the hardest working CEOs in the SaaS space. He’s been incredibly passionate about web development since the internet emerged, and you can still feel that passion shine through in the day-to-day at Teamwork. His attitude towards innovation and continual learning is something that he lives and breathes each day at the company, and its impact on the business has been palpable. Transparency. Peter actively works to minimize hierarchy within the company, encouraging anyone and everyone to reach out directly to him or Dan, his co-founder, with any questions or concerns they may have. Peter leads the company with an “open book policy” so that everyone knows exactly where the business is in terms of revenue and targets. Leads by example. Peter encourages the team to think like an owner or an entrepreneur, which inspires each and every member of the team to go the extra mile. His dedication to the business and its success can be felt across meetings and all company-wide communications, whether it’s a chat message or an important company announcement—Peter sets a high bar for excellence. By encouraging teams to take matters into their own hands, solve problems fast, and take concerted risks, Peter has fostered an environment where teams are highly motivated and inspired to do their best work.

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