Phil Tee
Co-Founder, Chairman, CEO, and Herd Leader



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Phil Tee is the Co-Founder, Chairman, CEO, and Herd Leader of Moogsoft. Moogsoft is the AI-driven observability leader that provides intelligent monitoring solutions for smart DevOps. Tee has 28 years in the computer software industry. He began his career in 1993.

Before joining Moogsoft, Tee was a founder, chairman and CTO at Njini Inc. and before that a chairman and CTO at RiverSoft. Earlier in his career he worked with Micromuse as a co-founder and CTO.

Tee graduated from the University of Sussex with a Ph.D. in informatics and an undergraduate degree in physics.



  1. Phil Tee has always maintained an innovative spirit and an innate ability to draw from personal experience to develop solutions. For example, prior to the launch of Moogsoft, Tee invented Netcool at Micromuse (acquired by IBM) and led numerous companies to successful exits, including RiverSoft (IPO) and Njini (acquired by Riverbed). These experiences provided the insight to tap into the new, niche market of Observability with AIOps. Alongside his innovative spirit, Tee is an expert in spearheading company growth. Over the past quarter alone, Moogsoft has turned a profit, improved its Gross Margin by 20 percentage points compared to the previous year, achieved a Gross Retention Rate of 99.6%, increased the customer base by 15% in one quarter, and doubled new bookings from Q4 2020. Phil has also focused on significant internal growth bringing on Minami Coirin Rojas as VP of Growth, closing $20 million in funding and doubling the sales team. Tee is also an inspiring leader to both senior and junior staff. One of the ways he does so is by clearing his inbox everyday and responding the same day emails are sent (and of course instantly on slack), to ensure anyone who has taken the time to reach out to him knows he appreciates their time and acknowledges whatever the conversation holds. This is a difficult task, as this req uires a start far earlier than most , and he-sets multiple times aside to go through his inbox, but worth it in Tee’s eyes. His team knows he is available and willing to help improve our work, no matter how junior their title may be. To accompany his exceptional leadership style and commitment to employees, Tee adds a passion for innovation holding numerous patents, authoring over two dozen peer-reviewed articles and holding a continued role with the research division of Moogsoft. Rather than sitting in the back and letting the development team handle all R&D, Tee remains heavily involved in product innovation. Moogsoft Research is a project aimed at improving algorithmic and AI techniques used for managing IT operations. The team collaborates with customers, educational institutions, and other industry stakeholders. The Moogsoft platform is powered by more than 50 patents, securing data through real-time AI and ML to deliver an agile and proactive event-resolution workflow for IT incident management and full-stack visibility.

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