Rachel Kapcan
Co-Founder and CPO



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Rachel joined AcuityAds in 2022 as Co-Founder and CPO. AcuityAds is a technology company that enables marketers to connect intelligently with the most meaningful audiences through digital media.

Previously, she was a IT Project Manager at Scotia Bank and before that a Project Manager, IT at TD Bank. Earlier in her career she worked with 8200 as a Programmer/System Analyst/Team Leader.



  1. Passion: As a pragmatic and result-oriented business leader, Rachel’s hiring and management strategy is entirely built on passion – whether it is her passion for team culture, technology or for contributing to the bottom line Cognizance: Rachel’s version is to become the best version of herself as a manager who can easily assemble high performing teams in order to contribute to business’ revenue growth Intuition: Ability to create, notice, act upon, and maximize opportunities. It is a powerful tool to have as in a high growth start-up as data alone cannot drive business decisions. We are wired with internal GPS and it is okay to listen to our intuitive minds over rational one at times. The accumulation of life and work experience manifests itself in the form of intuition and it allows us to know when something is not quite right Innovation: Along with her team and peers, her team seeks excellence. Innovation is the guiding pillar for their mission and vision which differentiates them from the competition Entrepreneurship: The power and ability to go with your gut when circumstances tell you to stay away from a challenge is vital for success. If you are a believer of good luck and would like to have some, follow your instincts and back it up with relentless determination Active listening: I listen to understand which allows me to bond with my employees, peers, and clients. As an advocate of active listening, it is important for me that all players in my department feel heard and understood. I try to give my team the autonomy to express their feelings, thoughts, and concerns as I believe in the importance of creating an environment in which people are not afraid to stand up for their ideas as well as themselves Empathy: In most circumstances, people say one thing but feel another. Knowing when to listen vs advice is key to navigating in emotionally charged situations Optimism: Rachel hires and mentors talented individuals who will not shy away from a challenge in an ever-changing, high growth environment. In most cases, her teams are able to deliver business results due to their ability to remain optimistic, flexible, and focused when resources are limited. Data Savvy: Once an Engineer, always an Engineer. In her 25+ years of experience in spearheading the delivery of successful projects, business strategies, and growth initiatives in aggressive environments ranging from 4 people cash strained start-ups to enterprise corporations. Although Rachel embracse instincts, and human emotions during the decision-making process, she still heavily relies on data. Polyglot: Apart from linguistic communication, Rachel is able to speak Tech, Product, Client Services, and AdOperations. What excites her every day is the challenge of delivering business goals and bringing ideas written on post-it notes to life. Teamwork: Due to her talent in identifying great performers, Rachel’s stellar teams can be thrown into any business stream and can be expected to exceed business targets and expectations with ROI top of mind. She heavily relies on her team leads, and trust in their abilities to make things happen. No Compromise: Rachel continues to seek excellence in whatever she does and will hire and grow those who cannot or will not settle for less than extraordinary

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