Rae Shanahan
Chief Strategy Officer



  • Top Women Leaders 2019


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Rae has overall responsibility for maintaining and enhancing this playbook, which informs our business excellence, training, client engagement, and product development efforts. She leads by example with a continuous focus on learning and excellence, overseeing the parts of Businessolver that get us from market to client and employee delight.

As Businessolver grows, Rae has ensured we have the rock-solid foundation and strong ethic necessary to continue to deliver on our promises – both to the market and to our employees. She is passionate about Businessolver’s culture and focus on excellence, and she works tirelessly to refine and improve both. Ask her what she likes best – she will say she gets to live her personal mission every day: “Living with energy – creating it, sharing it wherever I go.”

Rae joined Businessolver in 2000, after more than a decade in HR, both on the client side and the delivery side. Rae was a major accounts district manager for ADP and worked in various human resources positions at Maytag Corporation, including recruiting, compensation, organizational development, and employee training.



  1. For most of Businessolver’s 21-year history, Rae has helped lead the organization’s strategy and growth, bringing us from a small SaaS start-up to a true market leader. She has been instrumental in guiding our market vision and driving us where we need to be from a product, service and culture perspective. To achieve this, Rae has leveraged her strengths as a visionary—seeing where the market is and where it needs to go—as well as her leadership skills. She has continuously served as a strong role model and mentor for women in technology. One of her achievements is in the area of workplace empathy. A foundation of Businessolver’s platform is empathetic design focused on meeting the user where they are and addressing their specific needs. Under Rae’s direction, Businessolver has extended this focus with our annual State of Workplace Empathy Study, which looks at the connection between empathy and organizational success. As a result of this initiative, Businessolver has helped drive and contributed to the important conversation around empathy at work. In addition to guiding Businessolver’s product, marketing and operational functions, Rae created and continues to refine our unique organizational culture. This culture supports the creativity and focus on excellence that underpins and pervades our SaaS solution, and has directly contributed to our market leadership. Rae is articulate, intelligent, approachable, and visionary. She has boundless, contagious energy and exudes positivity, making newcomers and veteran employees feel welcome and valued. She is able to tease the best out of both technical and non-technical employees. Under her direction, Businessolver continues to bring new, innovative capabilities to market including our award-winning AI-enabled personal benefits assistant, Sofia, which is part of our consumer experience approach to delivering innovative, high-touch employee benefits administration technology and services.

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  2. Rae is passionate, highly creative, dedicated, super smart, strategic, has an incredible work ethic and commitment to excellence, achiever, and so much more

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