Rami Sass
Co-Founder & CEO



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Rami Sass is CEO and co-Founder of White Source. He is an experienced entrepreneur with vast experience in R&D and product management. At Eurekify. and later CA, Rami became an expert in designing and implementing complex management and compliance software systems, and in delivering them to the market.



  1. Rami has done a great job growing the company while managing that growth so that employees still feel valued and part of the process. Rami cares about his employees and empowers them to grow along with the company. He actively solicits feedback and listens to his employee to make WhiteSource a better place to work. He fosters a culture of inclusiveness, where everyone is accepted as who they are. Rami has a clear vision of the direction of the company and communicates that vision to the company.

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  2. Transparency & openness – Rami Sass regularly communicates with all employees, keeping an open and transparent two-way communication channel. Motivation – Rami Sass regularly motivates employees by spotlighting their successes and highlighting their efforts. Innovation – Rami Sass puts innovation front and center at WhiteSource. He encourages both employees and leadership members to always come up with new ideas and help to realize them.

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  3. Rami is down to earth, and is still available to all levels of employees, but not as a micro manager. Also, it feels like the DNA of the company is the same, as most managers and people I’ve worked with so far have the same attitude. As I am relatively new to the company, this is what I’ve experienced so far.

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  4. Leads by example: innovative, creative, and encourages all of the team to think out of the box, share and test new ideas. Also has an open door policy for anyone or everyone with a question or comment. Encourages teamwork with a “sum is better than its parts” attitude.

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  5. Self-awareness; excellent communication; connecting with people; very positive towards marketing initiatives

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  6. Attention to each employee, joining team meetings for clarity and transparency, staying humble

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  7. A very clear and defined vision; receptiveness; willingness to take calculated risks

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  8. People-oriented; trustworthy; recognizes accomplishments; knowledgeable

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  9. A true leader that Inspirs people, and pushes the team to excel

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