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CEO & Founder


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Reggie Aggarwal is the CEO and Founder of Cvent, the leader in meetings, events and hospitality software. A lawyer by trade, Reggie founded Cvent in 1999 as a two-person startup, with the goal of making meeting planning easier for his peers in the business community.

The Cvent business idea first came to light after Reggie spent years painstakingly planning hundreds of events for the Indian CEO Network of which he was president. He found early success as a pioneer in the event technology space but had to lay off nearly 80% of his employees during the dot-com burst in the early 2000s. During this time, approaching bankruptcy and facing the possibility of failure, Reggie and the core executive team focused on the two things that mattered most for a successful business: its employees and customers.

Driven by the desire to transform the meetings and events industry, Cvent has grown to over 4,300 employees under Reggie’s leadership, and the 2013 IPO (NYSE:CVT) boasted a market capitalization of more than $1 billion. In 2016, Cvent was taken private by Vista Equity Partners for $1.65 billion, providing a 70% premium for Cvent stockholders.

Cvent is now a leading meetings, events, and hospitality management technology provider, serving more than 27,000 customers and 300,000 users worldwide with the solutions organizations need to automate and simplify the entire event planning process and maximize the impact of their meetings program. The Cvent Hospitality Cloud partners with hotels and venues to help them drive group and corporate travel business.

Reggie was named the #1 SaaS CEO by The SaaS Report in their 2019 Top 50 SaaS CEO list and Entrepreneur of the Year for the Washington, DC area by Ernst & Young. He was also named the most admired CEO in the Washington, DC area by the Washington Business Journal, one of the 100 most Intriguing Entrepreneurs by Goldman Sachs, and a rising star by Forbes Magazine. He has been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes and Business Week. He has also been interviewed on CNN, MSNBC, the BBC and several other popular news shows.

Reggie graduated with a BS degree from the University of Virginia, a Juris Doctorate from Washington and Lee University Law School, and an LLM (post-law degree) from Georgetown University Law School. He also received an Honorary Doctorate from Southeastern University for his contribution to the community.



  1. There are numerous reasons why Reggie Aggarwal should be considered top CEO. He is Founder and CEO of the leading Event Management Tech company and has built a successful business over the last 20 years. This year in particular, I have seen Reggie elevate his leadership skills through the crisis of COVID-19. Within a matter of days of the spread of COVID, Reggie was focused on preparing our organization for the impact to come…ensuring that we were quickly monitoring and measuring the impact of the pandemic as it relates to our business so that we could make the most strategic, long term business decisions. He lead the charge for us to immediately have a strategy on how we were going to approach this unprecedented time. As a result of his leadership, we have been able to pivot to a new business model quickly. He was able to demonstrate clear vision and purpose within the new world order. He was able to communicate his vision and inspire others. Finally, he showed the Cvent team (and the Meetings and Events Industry) his commitment and passion to advancement. I have worked in tech for close to two decades at some large organizations and I will admit, I have never worked for someone who is more passionate or inspiring. Reggie is simply the best of the best!

    Senoir-level professional, submitted on

  2. Reggie’s commitment and passion for Cvent are the foundation of his leadership for the organization. He is committed to creating an environment that encourages innovation and what he calls the “intrapreneurial spirit” that guides the company and gives everyone at all levels the freedom and opportunity to provide input and make an impact on how the company operates to ultimately provide the best product and experience for our customers. He is passionate about helping employees grow and creating an inclusive workplace. When you look across the company there is example after example of those in leadership roles today that started in individual contributor roles and worked there way up. Even before Covid, Reggie’s transparency in our business objectives and strategy has allowed the company to operate on the same page and work toward the same goals. Throughout the Covid crisis this transparency has only been amplified and he has been incredibly communicative with everyone in the organization and been a guiding light and inspiration. Lastly Reggie leads with humility. He built the company from the ground up and has a deep appreciation for the contributions that everyone makes for the company to be successful.

    Senoir-level professional, submitted on

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