Richard Jelbert
Founder and CEO



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Richard Jelbert began his professional career over 25 years ago. Today, he is the Founder and CEO of Inzura. is an InsurTech company that helps insurers and intermediaries quickly deploy advanced smartphone centric digital insurance products to maximize user engagement and company profits.

Jelbert first got his start in 1996 as a co-founder and CTO of Agrogroup. From there, he went on to MMSys before eventually rising to founder and CEO at Vzzual, his most recent position prior to joining Inzura.

Jelbert graduated from the University of Portsmouth with an undergraduate degree in electronics and electrical engineering.



  1. Richard has an acute ability to look at the high level market conditions to inform product strategy but when needed, dive right down into the technical details and individual product features to make a product really compelling. Turning tech into products a customer can and will buy is a key strength. He has excellent visionary skills. He understands how technology might impact and change every day activities and can map this over time seeing beyond only what we see today. Richard is a great leader in the business. He understands and still experiments with new hardware & electronics, and the latest software engineering trends which makes him a formidable leader in our technology enabled business.

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