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Ross Wainwright began his professional career over 32 years ago. Today, he is the CEO of Alida. Alida Customer Experience Management empowers brands to action customer feedback to constantly foster and deepen brand loyalty and advocacy.

Wainwright first got his start in 1989 as a major account executive at Eastman Kodak. From there, he went on to PTC before eventually rising to CEO Americas at Dimension Data, his most recent position prior to joining Alida.

Wainwright graduated from Western University with an undergraduate degree in business administration.



  1. Ross is an empathetic leader. He truly cares for his employees and I’ve seen him prioritize mental health. He is transparent and gives all employees regular business updates. He knows how to keep both employees and customers at the centre of all business decisions. Ross loves receiving continuous feedback from his employees and he keeps striving to create the best workplace culture and environment. One thing that really stands out for me is that Ross takes time to meet with every single new employee, even though Alida is a global company with over 400 employees. As a tech leader, he puts emphasis on innovation and inspires all Alida employees to think outside the box and be creative. He encourages people to try and it’s okay if you make a mistake. He always says, “perfection is the enemy of great.” If I had to sum up Ross as a leader, I would say that Ross knows how to combine empathy and innovation to lead our company to greater heights.

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  2. Motivated and strategic – Ross has taken a company with slowing growth and come up with an aggressive growth plan to move it forward. After only six months, the company is already moving in a positive direction. Inspirational – Ross walks the walk and takes action. He has embraced the current worldwide business and social challenges and taken action as a leader. He has an open door policy for all employees. Rather than just issuing a statement, he put a team in place to address inclusion and diversity. He motivates employees who have gone through a lot of change internally and externally due to company shifts and the new business climate as a result of coronavirus.

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  3. One of Ross’s biggest key strengths as a leader is his compassion and thoughtfulness for others. One of his top priorities is ensuring everyone at Alida feels they can be their true and authentic selves which works to foster an environment of support and acceptance. He never shies away from talking about difficult social issues and makes sure others in the company have the opportunity to express their voice and opinions if they choose. I want to work for a leader that cares about the successfulness and well-being of his business just as much as he does for his employees and company culture which is what I think makes Ross a great leader.

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  4. He is a leader who cares genuinely about every single employee regardless of title, experience, or rank. He is open and honest with his communication and values the input of everyone who works at Alida. He is someone who truly embodies what it means to be a leader.

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