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Tandem, LLC



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Russ Horn is the President of Tandem, LLC. Tandem’s web-based application is designed to manage the compliance burden of information security regulations and improve the security posture of each of its users. Horn has 22 years in the computer software industry. He began his career in 1999.

Before joining Tandem, LLC, Horn was a technical analyst at United Supermarkets.

Horn graduated from Texas Tech University with a master’s degree in management information systems and from Lubbock Christian University with an undergraduate degree in mathematics.



  1. Russ has many strengths, but I’d like to mention three primary strengths. #1: Trust in his employees Russ has the unique ability to find and hire strong leaders and then places them within the organization in the right roles. He then empowers them to make wise decisions and gives them autonomy. Trusting his team is a very unique attribute in a leader. In meetings, he is very careful not to interject his own opinion first. Instead, he sits and listens to the team. When appropriate he will step in and help guide the organization towards the vision that has been set. Otherwise, he trusts that his team is working together towards the right solutions. #2 Setting the vision for the company Alongside his ability to empower his employees, he is very good at setting the vision for the company. He keeps the vision simple and rarely diverts from it. He is a master at communicating the vision, and, even more importantly, inspiring the team to pursue the vision that has been set. When the team starts to get off track, he is able to guide and help get the team back on track. #3 Removing obstacles from team members Russ once explained to the team that one of his core roles is to remove obstacles that get in the way of success. He is constantly looking for what might be getting in the way of an employee’s success, and then removing the burden. He will take on the work, or invest in the right tools, or provide any solution necessary in order to create a path of success for an employee or the team. In a way, he leads by serving his employees and pushing them towards success. Thank you for your consideration.

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