Ryan Urban
CEO & Founder


Top SaaS CEOs 2018


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Following his role as Head of Customer Acquisition at Bonobos, Ryan Urban founded BounceX in 2012. Since then, Ryan has led the behavioral marketing and analytics software company through massive growth and change. Often praised for his bold leadership style, Ryan and the BounceX team achieved impressive growth over a three-year period, winning Inc.com’s “Fastest Growing Software Company in America” award in 2016. With global clients like Uniqlo, Jetblue and Hugo Boss, Ryan attributes the company’s success to putting value in front of revenue, hustling, and not shying away from polarizing decisions.

Under Ryan’s leadership, BounceX has been consistently praised as a leader in employee retention and workplace culture. Earlier this year, the Company raised $37 million in Series B funding led by Battery Ventures with participation from existing investors. Over the next two years, the Company is planning to expand to 600 employees globally with a concentration in its NYC and UK offices. Today, over 350 companies work with BounceX. Ryan is frequently touted as a thought leader in the marketing technology space regularly called on by Forbes, TechDay, Entreprenuer.com, and Ad Age.



  1. He is a mobilizer and is always in the trenches. Ryan brings people together and builds them up. After coming from jobs on Wall Street and in fashion– two industries that are notorious for unhealthy competition and knocking people down, I expected tech to be the same and was reluctant to enter the workforce again. Ryan made me think differently, and although I was told I could have any job I wanted, I exclusively went on a search for a company with a stellar culture. I haven’t been at BounceX long, but you can tell by his aura that he wants people to be their best, and expects you to be involved. During our LGBTQ+ Pride company happy hour I was sitting at my desk finishing up some work. He went over to every individual and told them to come support and join the team. To me, that is someone who uses their social and political power for good, understanding that they have not a choice, but the obligation and platform to speak out.

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  2. Ryan cares more about his company and employees than any CEO I’ve worked for. He’s always in the office talking to people individually and he truly wants to build the best company to work for. Plus, he was integrally involved in designing our new One World Trade Center office which I think might be one of the coolest and most inclusive offices in the city, if not the world.

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