Said Ouissal
Founder and CEO



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Said Ouissal is the CEO and Founder of ZEDEDA. ZEDEDA is the leader in edge orchestration that delivers visibility, control and security for the distributed edge. Ouissal has over 23 years in the information technology & services industry. He began his career in 1998.

Before joining ZEDEDA, Ouissal was an SVP of worldwide sales & field operations at Violin Memory and before that a VP of product management at Juniper Networks. Earlier in his career he worked with Xylan/Alcatel IND as a senior technical support engineer.

Ouissal graduated from Saxion Hogescholen with an undergraduate degree in computer science.



  1. Said Ouissal is the CEO and Founder of ZEDEDA. Said has dedicated his career and over two decades on building out the Internet. Said developed a passion for networking in his teenage years while running bulletin board systems and learning how telephony networks could be used to transmit data. From building and operating one of the first optical/IP transatlantic Internet backbone networks, to helping telco’s deploy always-on broadband Internet via DSL to homes and 4G/LTE to phones, all the way to most recently helping cloud companies and large enterprises build out their data centers and connect them to the Internet, Said has had first hand experience in how each of these trends have continued to transform the Internet as we knew it. Said founded ZEDEDA based on his strong conviction that the next decade will be all about edge computing, and like with previous large shifts, this trend signals a new and radical change in how network and computing architectures have been built until now. As the benefits of cloud-native technologies get proliferated from centralized clouds to distributed clouds, the next big milestone is to bring these benefits all the way to the distributed (on-premise) edge, as close as possible to connected devices, machines and users, driven by the explosion of data generated at the edge and by IoT devices. Customers are required to deploy edge computing to process and respond to all that data cloud-natively at the edge of the network, close to sources of all the raw data. In order to help these customers with the massive complexities that come with deploying distributed on-premise edge computing at scale, ZEDEDA has built a full-stack distributed edge orchestration solution that works on any hardware, any cloud, any network and works for any edge application or VNF, ultimately bringing cloud agility to the distributed edge. Analysts estimate that by 2025 approximately 30% of all the global workloads will run at the edge, up from 1% today, representing a transformational computing architecture shift and once-in-a-decade opportunity to build a next-generation enterprise infrastructure software company. Prior to founding ZEDEDA, Said held senior executive roles in product management and sales at Ericsson, Juniper Networks, Violin Systems and Redback Networks. Said is originally from the Netherlands with Moroccan roots, is based in Silicon Valley, has a degree in Computer Science, speaks 5 languages and has authored 2 patents. Said loves IP, not only because it stands for Internet Protocol, but also for Infinite Potential.

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