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Sam Gutmann is a software entrepreneur and business builder. He is a pioneer in the online and cloud backup and recovery space. Currently, he is CEO of the leader in enterprise SaaS and cloud-to-cloud backup, OwnBackup.

Prior to OwnBackup he was an entrepreneur in residence at Golden Seeds focusing his time on helping portfolio companies sharpen their business models as well as the CIO of the global Import/Export trading company, BassTech International. Prior to his current roles, Sam was the CEO of Intronis, an online (cloud) backup software company which he co-founded in 2003.

Working as a small-business consultant in the late 1990s, Sam found that many business owners were backing up their data only sporadically, when they remembered to do it at all. Sam realized that tapes, disks, and CDs would always create incomplete backup sets. In 2000, together with his co-founders, he began development on the offsite, secure, user-friendly solution that would grow to become Intronis. After three years of research, development, software design, and testing, Intronis was launched in 2003.

While CEO of Intronis, Sam focused his time on building a world class SaaS company with an industry leading economic model. Through a metrics driven approach and detailed market segmentation analysis, the team was able to focus the sales and marketing engine and achieve great ROI while creating a recurring revenue base with organically expanding sales.

Prior to Intronis, Sam worked for several years as an independent small-business technology consultant. He is a graduate of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Management Information Systems.



  1. -Entrepreneurship – specifically in the online and cloud backup and recovery space -Leadership inspiration – even as the company grows he has remained transparent with employees and customers -Technology expertise – from how to wire a whole office all the way up to implementing our IT strategy over the first few years of OwnBackup’s existence

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