Sandra Moran
Chief Marketing Officer
WorkForce Software



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  1. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Sandra’s strengths lie in leadership and brand growth, specifically in the global software and technology industry. She has held roles at SaaS companies throughout her career across marketing, sales, new business, and product management. She successfully built and led each team to support the identification and delivery of sustainable business growth. Sandra has a creative, modern approach when it comes to brand awareness and customer loyalty. She has rebranded multiple companies, providing them with a more streamlined, customer-centric identification, strengthening each brand. This skill has led Sandra to successfully create a unicorn SaaS company as Global Chief Marketing Officer during the pandemic and later move on to her role at WorkForce Software. In her current position, she and her global team align with sales and business goals to provide value in marketing and contribute to the growing business by setting goals, stretching for excellence, and conquering the seemingly impossible to achieve success.

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