SC Moatti
Managing Partner
Mighty Capital



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SC Moatti is the Managing Partner of Mighty Capital. She first joined the company in 2017. Mighty Capital is an early-growth Silicon Valley venture capital firm. They deliver exceptional returns by investing in great products that are also great businesses, like Airbnb, MissionBio and Amplitude.

Previously, Moatti was a product leader at Facebook and before that a CEO and founder at Rendez-Vous Labs. Earlier in her career she worked with Electronic Arts as a mobile & casual games producer.

Moatti earned a master’s degree in business administration from Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a master’s degree in computer engineering & management science from CentraleSupélec.



  1. Early-Stage Investing: As Founding Managing Partner at VC firm Mighty Capital, SC oversees a highly curated portfolio of SaaS companies including Amplitude, Accern, Bit Discovery, Bluedot, Digital Ocean, Safetrust, Sorcero. Mighty Capital only invests in entrepreneurs who run businesses with a strong leadership team, proven product-market fit, and a clear go-to-market strategy. The firm’s unique value proposition (access to an exclusive and influential network of 300,000+ product leaders) provides value to portfolio companies that goes beyond money, and has put it in a privileged position to invest alongside top tier venture firms in Series A and later deals with only $50M AUM. Portfolio company CEOs are happy to attest to the value SC brings: —Amplitude CEO Spencer Skates says the firm is “among our top investors in terms of value per dollar invested. They have helped us increase our sales velocity by 29% and generate millions of new revenue.” —Bluedot CEO Emil Davityan said “Mighty Capital is one of our most valuable investors. Their global network was instrumental in securing our $9M Series B and scaling our go-to-market strategy.” —Accern CEO Kumesh Aroomoogan says “Thanks to Mighty Capital, we have gotten in the door with Fortune 1000 finance leaders, including Goldman Sachs, Northwestern Mutual, and more.” Inclusive Leadership: SC’s passion and vision for building the next top tier-venture firm is unparalleled. SC is an amazing leader who’s created a culture of openness and diversity inside our firm and with our LPs. Mighty Capital offers its LPS unique opportunities to build their investment skills through programs designed to educate them on what makes a good investor and participate directly through in-residence opportunities. Under SC’s mentorship, select LPs have been invited to represent Mighty Capital on boards. Also as a result of her leadership, Mighty Capital raised its first fund 3 times faster than average and it was >30% oversubscribed. Product Expertise: SC is a product visionary and expert. In 2014, SC Moatti founded Products That Count (PTC), the world’s most influential product acceleration platform. Almost 300,000 product managers read, watch, attend, and listen to PTC’s 3,000+ free blog posts, webinars, and podcasts. C/VP-level product executives such as Netflix Product VP, Coinbase CPO, and Box CPO share best practices and raise their profile at our curated product salons, podcast show and mastermind circles. Leading brands such as Autodesk and Capital One join as corporate members to turn their product teams into a competitive advantage. PTC is unmatched in bringing together members of the product ecosystem, tapping into their deep knowledge base, and making connections across companies. Previously, SC built products that millions of people use at Facebook and Nokia. Andrew Chen, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, called SC “a genius at making products people love.” In addition devoting herself to building Mighty Capital and, SC was invited to participate in the Kauffman Fellows program, teaches early-stage investing and governance at Stanford, lectures at Columbia, and speaks at several high-profile events a year – all to raise the bar for other rising investors and executives.

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