Shagun Malhotra



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Shagun is the visionary behind the product and user experience. A CPA, CIA and an experienced auditor and process consultant, she designed ART for accountants. Having gone through the broken and inefficient process various times over, she believed there was a more efficient and user friendly way to do reconciliations. Being process focused, Shagun injected process within ART to deliver a product that is highly integrated and process centric.

Shagun started her career in public accounting and has worked in Fortune 100 companies such as Marriott and Freddie Mac. Her work focused primarily on internal controls and risk mitigation in both, the international and domestic arenas. She has been a speaker for Fast Trac – a Kauffman Foundation program and is very passionate about entrepreneurship.



  1. Strong leadership, values opinions, realistic optimism, well organized, consistent, communication skills, always striving for her vision, bold

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  2. Great Commitment to her employees and growth of the company.

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  3. Decisive, Innovative, Knowledgeable

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  4. Decisive and Persistent

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  5. NA

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