Shrav Mehta



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  1. Shrav leads a team of hardworking professionals who are the best in their respective fields and areas of expertise and he leads by example, by being the best and empowering and enabling his team to do their best as well! Shrav saw a need in the compliance industry and solved it by positively disrupting the market by taking the industry from preparing for security compliance with stone chisels and tablets to light speed automation and ongoing security and compliance readiness monitoring!

    Staff, submitted on

  2. Shrav is a phenomenal leader who is not afraid to join us in the trenches to get things done. His visions for our company, platform, and plans to disrupt the space are exciting, and his passion shines through in everything he does. I wouldn’t hesitate for an instant to join Shrav on another one of his passion projects.

    Staff, submitted on

  3. Transparent leader who truly cares about the happiness of his employees. Very self-reflective so he can constantly be better than he was before. His work ethic that is extraordinary and inspiring. Very knowledgable in various industries and an overall good person.

    Senior-Level Professional, submitted on

  4. Inspirational leadership Hands on Personal with employees Innovative Willing to take calculated risks Great listener Resilience Drive and passion Adaptable

    Staff, submitted on

  5. Transparency and integrity in continuing to grow the lead and lead by examples. Constantly sharing knowledge and educating our team to be the best versions of ourselves.

    Staff, submitted on

  6. Vison (Near term and long term) – Marketing and Financial Grasp – Risk Taking Ability (when appropriate) – Ability to rapidly grow a company

    Staff, submitted on

  7. Aligning and motivating the team, and setting direction for an exciting, impactful mission for the company

    Staff, submitted on

  8. Working with people and communicating complicated concepts to customers.

    Staff, submitted on

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