Snejina Zacharia
CEO & Founder



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  1. Snejina Zacharia is the co-founder and CEO of Insurify, an insurance quote comparison platform and virtual insurance agent powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing. As co-founder and CEO, Ms. Zacharia has over 20 years of familiarity with entrepreneurship, with experience at consumer internet and enterprise software companies. She propelled the business to its current success since its official launch in January 2016. Insurify is now the most comprehensive and highly-rated insurance marketplace in the nation. As a female immigrant CEO in an insurance industry dominated by men, Snejina understands the importance of controlling your own destiny. Snejina took her first risk when she immigrated from Bulgaria to the United States for work. After hitting the glass ceiling at Gartner, Inc., she earned her MBA from MIT, one of the most competitive MBA programs in the world, while simultaneously caring for two toddlers at home. Insurify’s 2.5x YoY growth is a direct result of policies and company culture championed by CEO Snejina Zacharia and co-founders Giorgos Zacharia and Tod Kiryazov, CPO. One Insurify value is an obsessive focus on key growth factors: customer acquisition, conversion, and the ability to cross-sell across multiple insurance channels through the targeting and recommendation of relevant insurance products at point of sale and life events. Other areas of focus for the CEO include growing carrier partnerships and increasing the percentage of carrier contracts that provide commission revenue, improving quote accuracy, focusing on partnerships with vertically adjacent companies––Insurify has produced white label products for Toyota and Nationwide in 2021––and producing more onsite and consumer content.

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