Spence Green
Co-Funder & CEO



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  1. Among Spence’s strengths are his attentiveness, passion, and understanding. He’s always aware of the campaigns, projects, and products that the company is working on and happily provides feedback to help move things forward. Spence is also very passionate about providing people with access to the world’s information regardless of the language that they speak. While living in the Middle East, Spence met many people that were often cut off from more work since they didn’t speak English. While language is a common bond amongst humanity, it can also divide socially and economically. That’s why Spence started Lilt – to make sure that companies across the world can share their information and reduce barriers to access. His dedication to providing companies the tools they need to localize content quickly and efficiently has helped the company grow to where it is today. Spence is also a learner and a listener; he’s open to learning more about different areas of the business to better provide input, and encourages open feedback and communication from all parts of the organization.

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