Spencer Liu



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Spencer Liu is the Founder of CloudMile. Leveraging machine learning and big data analysis, CloudMile assists corporates with business forecasts and industrial upgrades. Liu has 23 years in the information technology & services industry. He began his career in 1998.

Before joining CloudMile, Liu was a founder and CEO at eCloudvalley Digital Technology and before that a head of software design center at Quanta Computer Inc. Earlier in his career he worked with Yam Digital as a founding member.

Liu graduated from National Taiwan University with a master’s degree in business administration and from Chung Yuan Christian University with a master’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering.



  1. Spencer Liu has over two decades of experience as an entrepreneur, investor and business leader specializing in big data and cloud services. As one of the first veteran entrepreneurs in Taiwan, Spencer was a founding member of Yam Digital, which was amongst the first wave of Taiwanese e-commerce companies to sell to eBay in 2002. Spencer is currently the founder and CEO of CloudMile, where he leads company operations across Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In 2012, he founded eCloudValley, a leading AWS consulting and reseller partner in Taiwan, after his time serving as head of product design and planning at Quanta, where he worked closely with teams at Google and Android, and prior to that leading algorithm and firmware teams at SONY. Once described by Andy Rubin–the “Father of Android”–as “talent with the best understanding of software ecosystems,” Spencer holds an EMBA degree from National Taiwan University.

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