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Steve Lucas is the CEO of iCIMS. iCIMS is a talent cloud company that helps organizations to attract, engage, hire, and advance the right talent that builds a diverse, winning workforce. iCIMS accelerates transformation for a community of more than 4,000 customers, including a third of the Fortune 100, that employ more than 30 million people worldwide. Lucas has 28 years in the computer software industry. He began his career in 1993.

Before joining iCIMS, Lucas was a CEO at Marketo and before that a president of enterprise platform & analytics at SAP. Earlier in his career he worked with Microsoft as a field marketer.

Lucas graduated from the University of Colorado with an undergraduate degree in business.



  1. Since joining iCIMS mere weeks before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in February 2020, Steve Lucas has led the company as an innovative leader in SaaS and HR technology, helping iCIMS react in real-time to what is happening in the world and developing the tools and technology that its customers need; choosing innovation over the status quo as companies attract, engage, hire and advance talent that they need most to exceed business goals. Steve’s strengths extend far beyond the surface of meeting goals, selling to and supporting enterprise customers, and releasing best-in-class SaaS solutions. His actions and his abilities as an inclusive and innovative leader embody all of iCIMS core values: purpose, innovation, accountability, customer-obsessed, velocity and inclusion. Velocity: Over the past 20 years, iCIMS has been known as an “applicant tracking system” and was recognized for its bold red color and little “i” to symbolize the internet, as it was established during the dot com boom. Though, as iCIMS had been rapidly growing over the years, Steve acknowledged that the way of the past was not the way to lead through the new future. He was fast, but strategic, to make big changes and adapt to employers’ evolving needs. In October 2020, iCIMS launched a company rebrand, both in the look and feel of the company as well as a repositioning of its products, to empower customers to successfully align with evolving business strategies to overcome new and evolving strategies in the new world of work. iCIMS’ new brand identity and the launch of the iCIMS Talent Cloud demonstrated a renewed commitment to supporting the talent needs of iCIMS’ ~2.4 millions of users across the globe. The logo behind the new brand? As our values-driven CEO Steve would put it, the “i” in the iCIMS logo is intended to represent a person, with the dot in the “i” being a circle, meant to represent a roundtable where everyone has an equal seat and voice. Purpose: In addition to the rebrand, under Steve’s leadership, iCIMS launched its first-ever virtual event for HR, talent, business and technology leaders, called INSPIRE. This event addressed the fact that the way we work has completely evolved, but one thing has remained the same, and that is that talent powers organizations. At INSPIRE, talent was at the forefront, and audiences learned how to adapt and thrive in the new future of work to provide top experiences for top talent and advance their organizations’ success. Despite being held in the midst of a global pandemic, INSPIRE 2020 drew in more than 4,500 talent innovators, virtually, from around the world, and provided thought-provoking talks from pioneers across different industries and disciplines. This included a keynote discussion with Mindy Kaling and Trevor Noah, top tech leaders from Microsoft, as well as the CEO of the Dallas Mavericks, Cynthia Marshall, known for breaking barriers in building more diverse teams. Innovation: In the past 15 months, iCIMS completed three strategic acquisitions, – expanding iCIMS’ AI capabilities, Altru – adding unique employee video storytelling, and EASYRECRUE – supporting the company’s expansion in Europe. All in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. In addition, iCIMS innovative technology and product teams deliver innovation and new products on a quarterly basis. Customer-Obsessed: As Steve stepped into his role as CEO, many employers made difficult organizational decisions including reprioritizing roles, hiring freezes, furloughs and more as organizations evolved due to the pandemic. Steve remained committed to delivering the innovative capabilities and the best service and support that our customers need to build winning teams and succeed. At the onset of COVID-19, iCIMS launched a career poral, Connecting Customers, to enable customers to share job openings with other customers, connecting those who were recently furloughed/laid off with new opportunities at organizations that are rapidly hiring. iCIMS also quickly developed “furlough portals” so employers can easily invite their furloughed employees back to work, as customers utilized iCIMS’ technology to easily communicate with employees and candidates. Improvements to iCIMS contact center, including 24/7/365 support, and offering customers complimentary access to iCIMS’ data to help businesses make smarter, more informed decisions are just some more ways that Steve has managed to provide a five-star experience for customers. Accountability: For Steve, in addition to delighting your customers, he believes it is his personal responsibility as a leader to treat employees as customers as well. That is why, upon his arrival, he instituted unlimited paid-time-off for all iCIMS employees along with several other new initiatives and benefits meant to prioritize everyone at iCIMS as an individual and acknowledge their outside lives and commitments beyond being an iCIMS employee. Not only does this promote personal health and well-being, but it also cultivates a positive work environment where leaders value their employees equally to their outcomes. Inclusion: Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are a top priority. At iCIMS, Steve has made it a point to build an inclusive environment. That’s why iCIMS is home to iBelong, an employee resource group leading the charge for better diversity and inclusion at iCIMS, specifically to ask members to share their experiences. Additionally, iCIMS has enlisted its own leader for CBID (Culture, Belonging, Inclusion, and Diversity) to ensure all voices are heard and concerns and challenges are fully addressed in thoughtful, respectful, and meaningful ways. By engaging with diverse perspectives, under Steve’s leadership, iCIMS is able to build its winning workforce, and help its customers do the same with its DEI solution. iCIMS layered DEI elements throughout the entire talent cloud, enabling customers to move forward on their journey to attract more diverse candidates and build more diverse teams, as well as reducing conscious and unconscious bias and supporting an equitable journey for historically excluded talent through technology.

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