Suresh Katta
Founder, CEO & Chairman
Saama Technologies



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  1. Visionary Leader: Suresh has a simple yet powerful vision for Saama that has a far-reaching and positive impact on the life sciences industry and human health: bring drugs to market faster and at lower cost to address patient needs. Inspirational: Suresh motivates his team to harness insights from data using Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) to accelerate transformational changes to the planning and conduct of clinical trials. In 2020, Suresh led the Saama team as they helped bring the first COVID-19 vaccine to market in record time by applying a domain-centric, deep learning/AI system to a 47,000+ person clinical trial. Suresh and his team helped shave one month off the tightly condensed clinical development process, achieved database lock in 22 hours, facilitated data submission within 3 days, ensured exceptional data quality and processed over 100 million clinical data points per day, and isolated .2 percent of the data that was most relevant to safety and efficacy. Entrepreneur: Suresh founded Saama in 1997 to leverage his life-long love of mathematics to solve complex, data-intensive problems. He evolved Saama into a platform-driven analytics organization with a specific focus on the life sciences industry to solve a critical pain point – help clients access previously unattainable views of raw data across disparate sources. Today, that mission is empowering pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to bring better medical treatments to market faster. Results-Driven: Suresh has distinguished Saama in the life sciences and data analytics marketplaces.

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