Susan Gershman
Chief Customer Innovation Officer



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Susan Gershman began her professional career 31 years ago. Today, she is the Chief Customer Innovation Officer of Prophix. Prophix helps mid-market companies achieve their goals more successfully with innovative, cloud-based Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software. With Prophix, finance leaders improve profitability and minimize risk by automating budgeting, forecasting and reporting and puts the focus back on what matters most – uncovering business opportunities.

Gershman first got her start in 1990 as a product representative at Dun & Bradstreet Software. From there, she went on to J.D. Edward, before eventually rising to EVP operations & marketing at Medworxx, her most recent position prior to joining Prophix.

Gershman graduated from the University of Manitoba with an undergraduate degree in accounting.



  1. Susan Gershman is the Chief Customer Innovation Officer at Prophix, a global leader in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software. In this role, Susan is responsible for overseeing customer experience and relationships across all aspects of Prophix’s business and products. Recognized as an experienced leader in the enterprise software-as-a-service industry across multiple verticals, including finance and accounting, Susan joined the Prophix Senior Leadership Team in October 2020 to provide a concentrated focus on customer experience and success. Her deep knowledge and understanding of customer-centric SaaS-based applications enables her to provide unique insight and perspective to support Prophix’s mission of empowering mid-market organizations to automate critical financial processes for improved profitability and to minimize risk. Susan has a passion for enabling customer success with a focus on business outcomes and value, and this is evident in Prophix’s industry leading NPS score (consistently above 70) and over 100% customer retention rate. Throughout its 30 years of business, Prophix has always viewed its customers’ success as the company’s top priority and is continuously looking for innovative ways to help organizations see tangible business advantage from its products and services. This became particularly clear during the pandemic, as organizations relied on Prophix’s CPM software to most effectively monitor the performance of their business financials. When forced to work from home, migrating their financial planning and analysis processes to the cloud was essential for CFOs and finance teams so they could track their financial information in real time and make quick decisions and adjustments based on immediate and constant shifts in sales and operations in a turbulent market. During these challenging times, CPM software providers had to be particularly attentive to their customers — listening closely to what they required and ensuring the Prophix solution was meeting those needs. Susan was one of the key reasons for Prophix’s success in maintaining high customer satisfaction among its customer base of more than 1,600 companies for the past 12 months, especially while many were going through the process of migrating from on-prem to the cloud. One of Susan’s greatest strengths is her commitment to helping support organizational growth and her ability to encourage the same level of commitment in her teams. But Susan understands that growth for the sake of growth is not a sustainable or conscionable business practice. She believes if you’re too focused on sales, organizations run the risk of bringing in the wrong kind of customer. Instead, bringing in new customers is about building relationships. From the beginning of each customer relationship, even during the prospecting phase, Susan makes sure they deeply understand the Prophix solution. She focuses on a successful customer onboarding process, something many companies view only as a side step to their goal of making another sale. And once the Prophix/customer partnership has begun, the relationship has only just begun as well, as Susan continues to build and maintain personal relationships with every customer throughout their journey with Prophix. Susan’s commitment to growth through customer relationship building has resulted in significant growth for the company. In Susan’s first full quarter in her role, Prophix’s cloud billings increased by 74% from the same period the previous year and its cloud customer base grew by over 280%. Prophix saw growth in both vertical and international markets, including a 150% YOY increase in the construction sector and a 100% increase in bookings from the company’s UK operation. During Susan’s second quarter with the company, Prophix saw its cloud customer base grow again by more than 70%, with a 37% increase in migrations by existing customers from on-premise to the cloud. Another key area of strength for Susan is her ability to identify and expand opportunities with existing customers. One of the ways she measures success is by helping customers articulate the value they’re getting from using Prophix’s software — and then looking for ways the company can provide even greater value. Susan puts a premium on proactive outreach to her customers. She helps them understand ​​the bigger picture, and how planning, forecasting, budgeting in the era of COVID-19 is being transformed. She helps customers rethink their software workflow process in light of these transformations, and aids them in their migration to the cloud and to other advanced technologies. This innovative mindset helps Susan see opportunities for customers beyond Prophix’s traditional customer profile, such as with “cross-company planning” that helps them gain value from CPM in adjacent functions of the business such as project management. With a deep understanding of Prophix’s SaaS-based technology combined with her customer-driven focus and expertise, Susan has the essential ability to identify opportunities for growth and increased value for both Prophix and its customers. Above all, Susan values the relationships among herself, Prophix, and its customers. As a result, Prophix’s customers recognize the value add she brings to their business. Through her commitment to growth within Prophix, her dedication to building and maintaining relationships with every customer, and her ability to identify opportunities for growth and innovation, Susan has taken what was already a world-class customer service and success team and made it even stronger.

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