Thomas Clozel
CEO and Co-Founder



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Thomas Clozel began his professional career over 19 years ago. Today, he is the Co-Founder and CEO of OWKIN. Owkin is pioneering AI in healthcare. It leverages its collaborative federated learning software and expert AI capabilities to bring solutions to optimize drug development and improve patient care in oncology.

Clozel first got his start in 2004 as a rotation resident at Mount Sinai Medical Center. From there, he went on to become clinical assistant professor at CHU Henri Mondor, his most recent position prior to joining OWKIN.



  1. Thomas is the CEO and Co-Founder at Owkin, leading medical research and business intelligence. As a Professor of Clinical Onco-Hematology, Thomas brings a patient-centric approach to each Owkin project. He leads Owkin’s global corporate strategy prioritizing patient health while developing breakthrough medical technologies. He is a strong leader with expertise in building meaningful and lasting relationships. He brings his creative flair and enthusiasm to all Owkin projects.

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