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Tiago Paiva is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Talkdesk. Over the past seven years, he scaled Talkdesk from 10 employees to almost 1,000 and crossed major industry milestones, including reaching 100 million calls. Paiva received a Master of Science in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico.



  1. 1. Unwavering determination: where there is no perceived way around challenges, he has an uncanny ability to find a path out/through the toughest situations. He doesn’t go around the problem as that would be the easy way out. He takes what would be considered the hardest way, but somehow it ends up being the best and right way for everyone involved. Everything Tiago does is backed by his strong belief that there’s only one way of getting things done and that’s doing the right thing in the right way at the right time. Easier said than done—but he makes it look easy and seamless. 2. Visionary: He is able to see beyond the road ahead and around every corner like no one I’ve seen before. The challenge he’s faced with is convincing others who are “non-believers” and converting them to see his vision and his “crazy” ideas. Once they believe and see, they are his active followers for life. He can foresee beyond basic industry trends, competitive analysis – beyond what’s already been done and what will be done—he sees what SHOULD be done to completely transform the industry on its head. He is the definition of a fearless leader who takes bold leaps and isn’t worried about missing those moonshots. He has even changed the way I approach decision making in my professional and personal life and encouraged me to be more courageous. He has transformed his own visions to reality and quickly caught the attention of the competition, potential customers, and other leaders within and outside the industry. Tiago is a leader who carves the path that others want to emulate. 3. Inspirational: There are few people you meet who can genuinely motivate and captivate an audience the way Tiago can. I have seen it time and time again. His ability to be unabashedly honest about his struggles makes his journey relative to so many others who want to be where he is at. He also is aware of his success and luck, but never boastful about it. Instead, he acknowledges it, but is always pushing beyond “good enough.” His favorite phrase is: “we need more, we need to be more, we need to do more. Just more.” That attitude pushes the team to strive for more and they ultimately are shocked that every time they do, they’re able to achieve just that: more. 4. Values: During a time when leaders are under so much scrutiny for lack of judgement and making poor decisions in their personal and professional lives, Tiago is one who puts family first and will tell everyone he meets that everything he does is for his family. Growing up in a modest family where financial struggles were a natural part of his childhood, he vowed to make sure his family never had to worry about where their next meal would come from or if they would have enough for birthday presents. He was the first in his family to complete college, his master’s degree, and move to America. He moved to America with not even a dime to his name or knowing English and was successfully able to start his business. In only a short seven years, he has been able to change his family’s lives. He has an incredible American dream story that he shares with others to encourage young entrepreneurs that it can be done—against all odds.

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  2. Passion, dedication and grit – Having started this company from just an idea in his early 20’s, Tiago still enjoys being in the trenches with his team and keeps pushing the team ahead and always want more. Love – Tiago absolutely loves what he does, including the challenges, the struggles, the deals won and the fight to win back deals lost Execution – While passion is necessary, you also need the ability to execute on your vision and consistently grow your business year-after-year. Tiago has orchestrated masterful execution, making Talkdesk the fastest growing cloud contact center company and has grown the company to over 500 employees serving more than 1400 customers including Peet’s Coffee, IBM, The Weather Channel, PBS, Edmunds, Stitch Fix, Acxiom and many more.

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