Tim Kopp
Executive Chairman & CEO



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  1. Tim Kopp simply is a go-getter. He works fast and is truly passionate about making a difference for those in his orbit. Throughout his entire career, he’s held himself to a gold standard of leadership and results. During his time with midwest success story ExactTarget, he led a global team of 300 marketers as the company scaled from $47 Million to well over $400 Million and from 250 employees to well over 2000, resulting in a successful IPO in 2012 and acquisition by Salesforce for $2.7B in 2013. From that success Tim has continued to re-invest his time, effort, and capital back into the midwest tech community. He carried his experience into the venture capital world where he discovered growing midwest startups including Emplify, Sigstr, G2, and Terminus. When Terminus’ growth stalled, the company’s board of directors called upon Tim to step in and be the change agent needed to change the company’s growth trajectory for the better. Since that moment two years ago, Tim has dedicated himself to making Terminus a place where the best and brightest want to work. He’s taken risks, re-energized the company, and fast-tracked the company’s growth. All while creating a world-class culture that attracts top talent. Tim is the type of person people want to work for. Talent attracts talent. He embodies leadership, excellence, and drive.

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