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In 1998, Tom founded AWeber Communications to help small business around the world better more effectively communicate and build relationships with customers and prospects using permission based email marketing.

Having organically grown AWeber from 0 to over 100,000 active clients Tom's focus is strategic planning, market strategy, business development, and team building.

Recognized as one of Pennsylvania's Best Places to Work for the past 5 consecutive years (2016-2012), Tom believes in creating a unique work place lifestyle unlike that of most companies. With a culture driven by five core values we are constantly growing our talented team of 100 team members to take on new, unique challenges in pursuit of growing millions of small businesses around the world.



  1. Tom has been Founder & CEO of AWeber since 1998, where he nurtured the company from small startup to a robust organization that has served over 1 million customers in its 20 year history. As the company has evolved over the years, Tom has continually worked to improve AWeber’s email marketing technology product, the level of service afforded to customers and establish a unique company culture where team members want to grow their careers. On a regular basis, Tom works in the weeds with AWeber team members, working with the engineering team to find product solutions, collaborating with the marketing team on messages to get out into the market and listening to feedback that customer service team members relay to other areas of the organization. Constantly listening to feedback, Tom knows that maintaining an open and honest environment is key to helping AWeber and its team members succeed. He also keeps one goal in mind, to create remarkable experiences for AWeber customers. Tom’s strategic mindset and always keeping in mind the customers AWeber serves helps to drive passion, engagement and results within the organization.

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