Tonya Chin
SVP of Corporate Marketing and Investor Relations and Chief Communications Officer



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  1. Throughout Tonya Chin’s 6+ years at Nutanix, she has demonstrated strong leadership skills to her team, company, and the industry as a whole. What sets Tonya apart from other leaders in the SaaS space is her ability to impactfully communicate not only a shifting industry, but an evolving company vision both internally and externally. In recent years, Nutanix has worked to evolve its market perception as it has shifted towards a subscription business model. Tonya spearheaded an integrated campaign with the critical goals of communicating (1) why Nutanix was changing its business model, (2) how, and (3) the benefits of a subscription-based model to investors, customers, media and employees. The multifaceted campaign focused on strategic outreach efforts for content creation, media outreach, social media, and analyst and investor relations. As a result, Nutanix was mentioned in 53 articles in tech/business publications and achieved a 257% increase in message pull-through from Q1 FY20 to Q2FY20. This followed a 16.7% increase in the prior quarter, and amounted to an overall 450% increase over 6 months, with over 650 tweets related to Nutanix’s subscription business model. Collectively, these numbers are a testament to the campaign’s success. This transition has had a significant impact on how external audiences perceive the company’s market performance. At our recent Investor Day, Nutanix CEO Rajiv Ramaswami discussed how this new business model and focus on growth will lead the company to profitability in the second half of FY22. With the help of Tonya, our vision and path to profitability was clear to investors and resulted in a stock increase of 7.6%, proving her efforts had not gone unnoticed by investors as their faith and confidence in our company increased. With our subscription model in full swing and our confidence as a leader in the HCI industry, efforts have been focused on our hybrid multicloud business and giving customers the freedom to run applications on-prem and in the public cloud. Without Tonya’s dedication, this would be difficult to prioritize. For over a year, Tonya has also proactively positioned herself as a thought leader in the industry by sharing timely advice and insights on obstacles and challenges other communications leaders and teams may face. She has played a critical role in thinking about how the pandemic has altered all forms of communication and has been able to share her thoughts to a large audience by joining the Forbes Communications Council. She has published several contributed articles including tips for navigating a virtual earnings day and navigating the transition to a new CEO. Nutanix is stronger as an organization as a result of Tonya’s forward-thinking mindset to position Nutanix as an innovator and hybrid multicloud leader.

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