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As CEO and co-founder of PlanGrid, Tracy Young is a 33-year old first-generation Asian-American disrupting two historically male-dominated industries: construction and technology. As a civil engineer, Tracy helped build Bay Area regional hospitals and struggled with problems arising from the lack of technology available to the construction industry. To tackle these problems, Tracy co-founded PlanGrid and recognized early on construction workers loved the intuitive mobile-based product she and her three co-founders had built.

Tracy’s mother taught her about profitability at an early age: “It’s simple: make more than you spend,” an approach that led PlanGrid to generate revenue first, then approach venture capital sources for funding — the antithesis of what most start-ups do. Under Tracy’s leadership and vision, PlanGrid has grown to more than 350 employees, its technology is now used on more than 1 million construction projects in 90 countries. PlanGrid’s investors include Sequoia Capital, Founders Fund and Y Combinator, among others.



  1. Under Tracy Young’s leadership PlanGrid is revolutionizing the $10T+ global construction industry – an industry that enhances the lives of every human being on the planet. Tracy comes from the construction industry and decided to improve it by introducing a new breed of mobile technology that is changing the way builders build. Tracy is an incredibly passionate, energetic, intelligent and inspirational leader. Since founding the company in 2011, PlanGrid has gone on to become one of the fasting growing B2B SaaS companies on the planet, with 350 employees and more than 10,000 companies using PlanGrid software in 84 countries around the world. Much of this success can be attributed to Tracy’s leadership skills and her ability to set big, clear goals for the company, hire exceptional talent, and inspire the team to execute effectively.

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  2. Tracy is an outstanding leader. She embodies the notion that an inclusive culture of success comes from the top. As one of four founders, she’s grown PlanGrid from 4 employees to over 350 and positioned the company for rocket-like scale, while keeping true to her own values including work-life balance, a friendly workplace and endless growth opportunities.

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  3. Loves customers, doing anything she can to listen to them and support them. Real knowledge of the customer/market problems that her business is solving – she came from a background in construction then started a SaaS company to solve construction problems.

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  4. Created a product based on her own needs so she really understands and values our customers; created a great working environment where people strive to respect each other and do their best; maintains transparency across the company.

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  5. Tracy is a conscientious and approachable CEO. She leads by example, genuinely cares about her employees, and is motivated by positively benefiting the construction industry and world at large.

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  6. No B.S. but still friendly and supportive, passionate about the product and the construction industry, very intelligent

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  7. Building a successful company while retaining a great culture.

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  8. A leader in the industry.

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  9. Transparency

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  10. NA

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