Udi Miron
VP of Product



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Udi Miron is the VP of Product of Ultimate.ai. He first joined the company in 2018 as head of product. Ultimate.ai is the leading virtual agent platform, built to help businesses scale their customer service with artificial intelligence.

Previously, Miron was a head of product at Hubrick Limited and before that a senior product manager at Simplaex. Earlier in his career he worked with Magnet Development as a design department manager.

Miron earned an undergraduate degree in graphic design & web design from EPS College.



  1. Udi is an inspirational leader and motivator; attracting global talent to the company for the opportunity to be able to work with him. Ultimate is a category-creating product and is ranked by G2 as the world’s leading Virtual Agent Platform. – Udi builds incredible close relationships with customers and partners to fundamentally understand their needs and translate it into a truly disruptive product strategy. – Through Udi’s leadership, Ultimate has become one of the fastest growing AI companies in the world, ranked by Forbes as the 8th best AI company in Germany (and has also been awarded by Forbes as a Top 100 Most Innovative Companies worldwide). – Owns the product leadership across the entire platform, from AI, Training Center, Dialogue Builder, etc.

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