Umesh Sachdev
CEO & Co-Founder



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  1. Umesh Sachdev, co-founder and CEO of Uniphore, is a modern-day entrepreneur with a passion for using technology to solve society’s greatest challenges. A tech visionary, Umesh has the keen ability to identify not only the trends that affect the industry today, but those that will impact our society for decades to come. Umesh co-founded Uniphore in 2008 to enable better and more effective conversations for people. Umesh is from India, where at the time, half the population was functionally illiterate, making most text-based applications essentially useless and then even further complicated when the hundreds of languages and dialects are put in the mix. With that in mind, he developed voice-based technology that allowed people to use their voice as a primary interface, regardless of the language spoken or the ability to type on a screen. From there, Umesh continued to build out an NLP and AI-driven platform to create a comprehensive intelligent solution that supports all types of conversations no matter where they take place, whether it’s a chatbot or a phone call, and can address customer service challenges from the beginning of the interaction through any follow up actions needed. Last year, the global pandemic created a new opportunity for Umesh to tackle. Stay-at-home orders and remote work necessitated a new way of communicating. Businesses clamored to shore up their digital infrastructure to better serve their remote customers. The rapid digital transformation happening across the enterprise highlighted the need for automated and intelligent solutions to help drive new business models. Umesh quickly realized the importance of expanding the platform’s capabilities to enable better customer experiences. With more than 1.15M agents employed globally and an increased focus on agent support and digital customer service, the market opportunity was stronger than it had ever been before. Under his direction, Uniphore’s engineering team set out to create several new products to better serve its customer base, all remotely. Focused on improving and optimizing contact center interactions from start to finish, these new solutions strengthened the connection between front-end customer experience and backend fulfillment through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and improved contact center security through agent verification and data security. Umesh also recognized that the rapid rise in the use of video for everything from holding virtual business meetings to virtual classrooms to telemedicine – and the importance that this technology will continue to have in society even after the pandemic subsides. Under his direction, the company acquired Emotion Research Lab to glean insights from video calls. Umesh believes that the growth of video calls, especially in sales and marketing functions, will spur enterprise demand for tools that can analyze what customers and prospects might be feeling. Using computer vision software, agents and other business users will be able to gauge sentiment based on facial expressions and other visual cues. As a result of his technological innovation, Uniphore has won significant partnerships with some of the world’s largest telecom providers, insurance companies and financial service organizations. Additionally, the company has inked customer contracts with customer experience (CX) providers including Tech Mahindra, NTT DATA, Sitel, Firstsource and WNS. Uniphore’s technology now supports more than 75,000 customer service agents handling approximately 160 million engagements every month. Uniphore has capitalized on this incredible momentum over the past 12 months and expects to have $100M in contracted annual recurring revenue (ARR) in fiscal 2022 based on a forecast of continued hypergrowth. Noteworthy: Recently, the Silicon Valley Business Journal named Umesh a Top 35 Under 35 Leader and back in 2016, he was recognized as one of the ten ‘Next Generation Leaders’ by Time Magazine; the only Indian contributor to be recognized as part of the list for his achievements. Similarly, MIT Tech Review recognized him as one of the ‘Innovators Under 35’. He has been a featured TED speaker as well a thought leader in transforming CX for the enterprise.

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