Vicky Chandler
Head of Customer Success & Support



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Vicky Chandler began her professional career over 19 years ago. Today, she is the Head of Customer Success of BrightLocal. BrightLocal is an integrated SEO and local citation platform loaded with all the features and tools to help increase the visibility of your business on the web and attract more local consumers.

Chandler first got her start in 2002 as a senior customer service and complaints executive at First Choice Holidays. From there, she went on to Equity Student Travel, before eventually rising to head of membership services at TrustedHousesitters, her most recent position prior to joining BrightLocal.

Chandler graduated from Brighton MET.



  1. Making customer support a competitive advantage- In the fours years Vicky has been at BrightLocal she’s taken our support function from being an area of the business that held us back, and transformed it into a genuine area of competitive advantage for the company. Her vision, passion and tenacity for delighting our customers has transformed their experience of BrightLocal, and is now a key reason customers chose us and stay with us. Vicky has grown the support team from just 3 people to over 25 people, providing 24 hour support across email, chat and phone. You just have to read the hundreds of online reviews we get each year to see how our support delights our customers, and Vicky is the driving force behind all of it. Priorities, Priorities, Priorities! – Vicky is always clear on what her priorities are which means she focuses on getting the most important and impactful things done first. I’ve never known anyone who can crunch through a ‘to-do’ list like Vicky – she’s a machine (with a big heart!) A friend, coach and leader all in one- You won’t find anyone in BrightLocal who doesn’t like, respect and enjoy being around Vicky. Her bubbly and open personality make her incredibly approachable and lots of fun to be around. She extends this to her team by always being there to support them, coaching them constantly to improve and learn, and providing consistent direction so everyone knows what their priorities are and why they’re important. Constant pursuit of excellence – Vicky is relentless in her pursuit of improvement. She is constantly observing and analysing the processes and structure of the customer success team to identify opportunities to make them more effective; this could be a small tweak for marginal gain, or a big restructure that develops the talent within her team.

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  2. Empathetic: Vicky shows empathy to any situation, she makes herself relatable and approachable to make sure she is there is we ever need her. Dynamic: Vicky always brings the personality to any situation, she brings colour and life to all she touches which always makes everyone smile and feel at ease. Professionalism: Vicky adapts her style and approach to suit the situation or individual, believing strongly in fairness and transparency. Adaptability: Vicky thinks on her feet, doesn’t panic and can utilise her skills and personality to turn any situation around and keep the team calm, collected and informed. Empowerment: Vicky is dedicated to her team’s career development, and is always looking for the next opportunity to upskill, praise, and promote.

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