Vishal Sunak
CEO & Founder



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As CEO, Vishal is responsible for developing strategies aimed at assisting both corporate legal and finance teams with the review of their contracts. He works to prevent his customers from having to read each contract one by one.

He founded LinkSquares with the goal of building great products to improve how businesses operate. Prior to founding LinkSquares, he held positions in operations and product management at Backupify and InsightSquared.

Vishal has a B.S. in Engineering from Northeastern University and a M.S. from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.



  1. Visionary with respect to company goals, path forward, and revenue generation. Risk taker who places huge bets and reaps rewards every single time. Excellent leader with a great communication style and ability to multitask.

    Mid-level professional, submitted on

  2. Encourager Electrifying energy Has no fear Likes employees to challenge his thoughts

    Staff, submitted on

  3. Enrolling others in his vision, inspiring the best from everyone around him.

    Mid-level professional, submitted on

  4. He’s super-focused and great at making critical decisions quickly.

    NA, submitted on

  5. Intuitive sense of what the right thing to do is.

    Mid-level professional, submitted on

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