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Yoav Shwartz is the Co-Founder and CEO of Uberflip, a cloud-based content experience platform that enables B2B marketers to create personalized content experiences at scale. He founded the company with Randy Frisch in 2012 and over the years built a high performing organization by focusing on culture, vision and customers. That focus turned into acquiring some of the most sophisticated clients including mongoDB, LeanData, Blackbaud, and Snowflake among many others. With customer and revenue traction established, in 2018, Yoav raised $32 million in a Series A round from Updata Partners. To date, the company has added more than 1,000 B2B companies to its customer base.

Yoav is a multifaceted entrepreneur. Having grown up in an entrepreneurial household, he developed an appreciation for the skills needed to make for a successful business. In addition to leading Uberflip, he is an investor in Hover and Betterez and owner of YMS Dynamics. Previously he was Founder and CEO of Mygazines, which transformed PDFs into interactive experiences and prior to that was the Co-Founder and CEO and of Silverwood Flooring. His first forays into entrepreneurship were in high school and college and consisted of designing websites in the late 90’s and building web-apps in the early 2000’s. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Western University.



  1. Yoav is a strong leader, communicator and is very honest and transparent with the team. He does an incredible job keeping the company up to date on whats happening, in the works and what to expect. He builds great relationships with team members all across the organization.

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