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Since its founding in 2009, Gainsight has devoted itself to revolutionizing the field of customer success management (CSM), particularly with the ever-wider adoption of SaaS. Now, Gainsight’s proprietary platform helps equip enterprises with the tools they need to harness data into usable, actionable insights for improving client experience. Rather than focusing purely on retention, businesses around the world use Gainsight to increase customer satisfaction.

CEO Nick Mehta leads his team of 700 through his signature “Golden Rule” philosophy, integrating this concept into the company culture as well as Gainsight’s product itself. Gainsight reached an ARR in excess of $100 million in 2020, demonstrating continuing upward momentum for the company. In addition to its impressive customer base that includes software stalwarts Adobe, HP, Marketo, and Workday, recently Gainsight added numerous software, fintech, and healthcare IT firms such as Quest Software and SMART Technologies to its portfolio.

Key Products

1. Customer Cloud – Drive Retention and Growth With Gainsight’s Customer Cloud

2. Gainsight PX – User Analytics and Product Engagement to Help You Drive Growth

3. Gainsight RO – Retain and Grow Your Customer Base to Optimize Revenue

4. Gainsight CX – Customer Experience Software Built For B2B

5. Gainsight CS – Deliver the Outcomes Your Customers Desire

Key Executives

Nick Mehta – CEO