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San Diego, CA


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Category: Data Management & Analytics
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Seismic, a data management company based in San Diego, develops software that updates information in real-time so customers and employees can have access to the most relevant data. Seismic’s platform can be fully personalized to connect clients with technology in ways that are most conducive to building their business.

While sales teams learn to shift to a greater online presence in the midst of stay-at-home orders due to a global pandemic, it’s more important than ever for customers to receive tailored solutions to navigate new waters. This week, the San Diego startup was listed as a market leader for the second year in a row by Research in Action. Recognized for its growth strategy, they saw one way their 2019 acquisition of Percolate paid off.

Over 600 organizations go to Seismic for their sales enablement solutions. Big names include IBM, Quest Diagnostics, and American Express. The company now has more than 900 employees in 14 offices.

Key Products

1. Smarter Sales Enablement Platform – Seismic is the only sales enablement platform that empowers your teams with the tools needed to close more deals. Marketing collaborates, automates, manages, and distributes content from one place

2. Content Management – This is where it all begins. One robust platform for creating, managing, collaborating on, and improving your sales content.

3. Automate Document Creation – Automate documents that your teams use every day so they are professionally formatted and personalized at push of a button.

4. Distribution – No matter what systems your sellers work in, they’ll have the training and materials they need across any device.

5. Sales Content Analytics – Real-time insights into what content is performing for your sales teams, what’s driving revenue, and what content is needed for the future.

Key Executives

Linda Ho – Chief People Officer