4 Guidelines for B2B Software Sales

In the fast-paced world of B2B software sales, it can be difficult to keep and maintain a customer base. According to one survey conducted by Salesforce, 70% of B2B customers believe it is easier than ever to switch from one business to another.

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These tips are thinking like and individual, using software to optimize sales, listen to your customer and communicate your value.

Using An Individualized Approach

In B2B software sales, no two buyers are the same because no two sales processes are the same. This can actually be a point of strength for sales people who are adaptive, intuitive and who pay close attention to detail. A successful interaction with a customer begins with preparation beforehand. Learning details about your customer’s journey, his or her pain specific pain points and the nuances of the organization can help set you up for success.

Optimize Sales with Technology

For companies with a team of salespeople, using technology to streamline and optimize the sales process is key. The best sales enablement solutions are intuitive, boost the team’s productivity and feature many options for tracking and outsourcing administrative work. Always be on the lookout for ways to make your sales staff’s lives easier, and they will reward you with more sales.

Listen and Contribute

All good salespeople understand that listening is a key component of a successful transaction. With almost all necessary information available on the internet to research 24/7, the role of the salesperson has shifted from simply describing the product to engaging in productive discussions with a customer about his or her company’s specific needs and provide cogent feedback on how your product can best help.

Communicate Your Value

Many customers report that they expect more from salespeople than simply an explanation of the features of the product.

Communicating the value of your relationship with the business is a major way to remain fixed in the customer’s memory. The point is to drive home the point that you are useful outside of the narrow confines of the sales situation. This can be achieved by suggesting helpful tips and tricks for using your company’s software or (better yet) a software package that is unrelated.

By making suggestions and sharing knowledge about something other than your product, you can build trust with the customer and establish your place as an expert. With any luck, you can apply your next assignment will be applying your expertise to helping onboard some new customers.