Salesforce Co-CEO Bret Taylor Unveils Genie in Debut Alongside Marc Benioff

Bret Taylor, co-Chief Executive Officer of Salesforce, is sharing the spotlight with his gregarious partner, Marc Benioff. For his first Dreamforce conference as co-CEO, Taylor took the stage with Benioff to unveil Genie, a real-time customer data platform that is meant to enhance Salesforce’s existing customer relationship management (CRM) platform. As he sees it, Genie is adding new technology capabilities to the CRM, an update to modernize it in some ways. It follows the company’s 2019 customer data platform (CDP), which marketers can use to collect data before sending ads to potential clients.

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Genie enables marketers to cull the very latest data from Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud and analyze it in real time. The new platform will be integrated into its clouds for sales, service, and commerce over time, according to Taylor; and customers can pay to add Genie capabilities to their existing Salesforce installations, according to a spokesperson.

Taylor came on board with Salesforce’s leadership in 2016 after the acquisition of his startup, Quip; previously, he co-created Google Maps. In addition to co-running Salesforce, he is also the chairman of Twitter, which rarely sees a dull moment, leaving him prepared for sharing center stage with Benioff.