The Top 100 Software Companies of 2021

The Software Report is pleased to announce The Top 100 Software Companies of 2021. This year’s awardee list is comprised of a wide range of companies from the most well-known such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Salesforce to the relatively newer but rapidly growing - Qualtrics, Atlassian, and Asana. A good number of awardees may be new names to some but that should be no surprise given software has always been an industry of startups that seemingly came out of nowhere to create and dominate a new space.

Software has become the backbone of our economy. From large enterprises to small businesses, most all rely on software whether for accounting, marketing, sales, supply chain, or a myriad of other functions. Software has become the dominant industry of our time and as such, we place a significance on highlighting the best companies leading the industry forward.

The following awardees were nominated and selected based on a thorough evaluation process. Among the key criteria considered were software product quality, management team caliber, organizational culture and overall company evolution among other factors. In many cases, a company received a remarkable number of nominations from a wide range of its various stakeholders. Please join us in recognizing and celebrating The Top 100 Software Companies of 2021.


1. Microsoft
Category: Business Solutions
Location: Redmond, Washington

Microsoft is the biggest software company in the world. Its best known software products are the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems, the Microsoft Office suite, and the Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers. LinkedIn, its business-oriented social network, is used by millions to build professional connections, and Microsoft's Xbox gaming systems continue to post record sales. Microsoft's customers range from consumers and small businesses to the world's biggest companies and government agencies.

In 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen, two boyhood friends from Seattle, launched the company in order to develop and sell BASIC interpreters for the Altair 8800. Microsoft quickly rose to dominate the personal computer operating system market with MS-DOS in the mid-1980s, followed by Microsoft Windows. In the 1990s, the company began to redefine its offerings and expand its product line into computer networking and the World Wide Web. Eventually Microsoft also moved into cloud computing with the Windows Azure platform. Azure is currently second behind Amazon for cloud services.

In June 2021 the software maker hit a staggering $2 trillion valuation. The milestone came on the heels of the company’s unveiling of Windows 11, its first new version of the flagship operating system in more than five years. The appreciation of the company’s stock price also reflects a rejuvenated company, one that has found substantial growth in cloud computing and through acquisitions.


2. Adobe
Category: Publishing
Location: San Jose, California

As one of the top software providers in the world, tech giant Adobe serves millions of users across the globe. From its humble beginnings in 1982, the company is mostly known these days for its multimedia and creativity software offerings. Popular products include Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, and Creative Cloud.

Originally, Adobe was named after the Adobe Creek in California, which ran behind the houses of the company’s two founders, John Warnock and Charles Geschke. As of 2021, Adobe has more than 23,000 employees worldwide, about 40% of whom work in San Jose, California, where the company maintains its headquarters. On top of that, Adobe has field offices in about 30 countries across the Americas, Asia, and Europe. It also has major development operations in India.

A long-time publisher of traditional software packages, Adobe was instrumental in the creation of the desktop publishing industry. Since then, the company has found tremendous success by adapting to shifts in the market, leading the charge into the cloud and subscription-based business model. Propelled by these digital offerings, its revenue more than doubled between 2015 and 2019. More recently, Adobe achieved record quarterly revenue of $3.91 billion in its first quarter of fiscal year 2021, which represents a 26% year-over-year growth.


3. ServiceNow
Category: Workflow Solutions
Location: Santa Clara, California

With a market capitalization of $108 billion, ServiceNow ranks as the second largest SaaS company in the U.S. Founded in 2004 by Fred Luddy, ServiceNow is a constituent of the Russell 1000 Index and S&P 500 Index and has been recognized as one of the world’s most innovative companies by Forbes.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, ServiceNow is leading the pack when it comes to providing business workflow software. Put simply, the company takes time-consuming processes (typically manual and/or paper-based activities) and then it turns them into simple, streamlined, digital workflows for its customers. ServiceNow serves organizations of all sizes, from local governments to Fortune 500 companies.

In addition, ServiceNow’s software enables the chief information officers at big companies and other organizations to keep track of their assets, such as computers, software licenses, and other IT resources. At the same time, it generates the kind of information that business executives can use and understand; for example, how the cost of operating a sales force in the field compares with the cost of selling products through an online catalog. Among its many recognitions, in 2020, Gartner dubbed ServiceNow an ITSM Magic Quadrant leader for the seventh year in a row.


4. Dropbox
Category: Cloud Storage and Management
Location: San Francisco, California

Since 2008, the San Francisco-based cloud storage and management company Dropbox has set the standard for storing and collaboration of files in the cloud. Initially launched as a niche software startup by MIT students Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi, the company attracted more than one million users in its first year alone. After more than a decade of successful refinement of its products and the acquisition of related companies — including, most recently, secure sharing and analytics leader DocSend — Dropbox remains the name to beat in cloud storage and sharing.

Dropbox has seen the cloud storage revolution happen in front of its eyes, holding its ground against competitors as hearty as Google and Amazon to maintain its dominant position in the market. In 2020, the company saw its annual revenue approach the $2 billion mark, with active paid users in excess of 15 million around the world. The company has kept its momentum going throughout the last year, boasting considerable profits over the last three quarters.


5. IFS
Category: Enterprise Software
Location: Linköping, Sweden

Founded in 1983, IFS develops and delivers enterprise software for companies around the world that manufacture and distribute goods, build and maintain assets, and manage service-focused operations, and the firm serves many notable customers such as Carlsberg, Panasonic, and the US Navy. IFS focuses on five key verticals including aerospace and defense, energy, manufacturing engineering, and services. Within its single platform, IFS’ industry-specific products are innately connected to a single data model and use embedded digital innovation.

The industry expertise of IFS’ employees and growing ecosystem, together with a commitment to deliver value at every single step, has made IFS a recognized leader and the most recommended supplier in its sector. Every day, its team of 4,000 employees serves their more than 10,000 customers.

In January 2021 IFS acquired Axios Systems PLC, a global provider of cloud-based Enterprise Service Management (ESM) software. The acquisition of Axios Systems adds further depth to IFS’ capabilities with respect to design and automation of workflows, internal efficiency, and data connection across teams and systems. In the 2020 fiscal year the company reported a 26% increase in software revenue, a 60% increase in cloud revenue, and a 43% increase in recurring revenue YoY.


6. Guidewire
Category: Insurance Platform
Location: San Mateo, California

Guidewire is the platform property and casualty (P&C) insurers trust to engage, innovate, and grow efficiently. Founded in 2001, Guidewire combines digital, core, analytics, and AI to deliver its platform as a cloud service. More than 400 insurers, from new ventures to the largest and most complex in the world, run on Guidewire. As a partner to its customers, Guidewire continually evolves to enable their success. Guidewire is proud of its unparalleled implementation track record, with 1,000+ successful projects supported by the largest R&D team and partner ecosystem in the industry. Guidewire’s marketplace provides hundreds of applications that accelerate integration, localization, and innovation.

The company was established in 2001 by Ken Branson, James Kwak, John Raguin, Marcus Ryu, John Seybold, and Mark Shaw. In September 2011, Guidewire filed with the SEC to raise up to $100 million in an initial public offering (IPO), and was first publicly traded on the NYSE in January 2012. Guidewire was later cited as being one of the top IPOs of 2012. Total revenue for fiscal year 2020 was $742.3 million, a modest increase from fiscal year 2019. Annual recurring revenue was $538 million as of April 30, 2021, up from $514 million on July 31, 2020.


7. Cornerstone

Category: Human Capital Management
Location: Santa Monica, California

Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, with 20 offices around the globe, Cornerstone is a people development company that believes people can achieve anything when they have the right development and growth opportunities. Cornerstone’s people development solutions include comprehensive recruiting software, a personalized learning platform, modern training content, development-driven performance management, and holistic employee data management and insights. Approximately 6,000 organizations of all sizes use Cornerstone’s software, spanning more than 75 million users across over 180 countries and 50 languages.

In 2020, Cornerstone acquired one of its largest competitors, Saba Software, and announced a new strategic vision to accelerate innovation to help organizations thrive through unprecedented change. Over the past year, Cornerstone completed its strategic transformation with CEO Phil Saunders at the helm. The company announced new leadership appointments including Chief Product Officer Ajay Awatramani, Chief Marketing Officer Theresa Damato, and Chief Financial Officer Chirag Shah. Cornerstone also renewed its focus on product innovation, and is leveraging AI-technology and a deep pool of talent data to help organizations and their people adapt and succeed through change. Cornerstone had a strong start to 2021, with Q1 revenue of $209.3 million representing a 39.4% increase YoY.


8. Secureworks
Category: Cybersecurity
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Secureworks is a global cybersecurity leader that protects customer progress with Secureworks® Taegis™, a cloud-native security analytics platform built on 20+ years of real-world threat intelligence and research, improving customers’ ability to detect advanced threats, streamline and collaborate on investigations, and automate the right actions.

The company recently launched Secureworks Taegis™ XDR (Extended Detection and Response), a cloud-native SaaS solution that combines Secureworks’ security operations expertise and threat intelligence capabilities to detect and respond to attacks across cloud, endpoint, and network environments. Ultimately, the software is helping InfoSec teams bridge their cybersecurity skills gaps while reducing costs where security blind spots previously existed.

Taegis XDR covers more than 90% of tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) across all categories of the MITRE framework and provides a comprehensive view of environments through 40+ third-party integrations. In April 2021 Secureworks jointly announced Dell Technologies Managed Detection, and Response service is now powered by Taegis XDR. This year Secureworks also announced a worldwide Managed Security Service Provider initiative to their Global Partner Program to expand and empower the cybersecurity community.


9. Vertafore
Category: Insurance
Location: Denver, Colorado

Insurance is about relationships, and technology should make those relationships stronger. That’s why, for more than 50 years, Vertafore’s mission has been to simplify and automate insurance distribution so that its customers can focus on what matters most to them: servicing their clients, empowering their people, and growing their business. Vertafore is the only InsurTech company serving the entire insurance distribution channel, including more than 20,000 independent agencies, 1,000+ carriers, and 23 state governments.

After establishing itself as the first-ever InsurTech, Vertafore has remained the industry leader for innovation with its superior product offerings, inventive approach to customer success, and pledge to modernize the insurance industry. Its solutions automate and accelerate end-to-end processes, enabling players to spend less time on manual tasks and more time building customer relationships. Vertafore’s solutions also drive incremental revenue via world-class digital workflows, deep data analytics and unparalleled industry insights.

Vertafore’s 2020 acquisition by Roper Technologies, a leading diversified technology company, is proof of the InsurTech leader’s commitment to provide innovative and critical solutions to help customers further modernize their operations. Since 2016, Vertafore has added more than 500 employees and improved its customer net promoter score by 200% while significantly increasing its annual recurring sales and investment in its products.


10. Procore
Category: Construction Management
Location: Carpinteria, California

Procore builds software for people who build the world. The company is a leader in construction management software, and went public on May 20, 2021 (NYSE: PCOR). In 2002, founder and CEO Craig “Tooey” Courtemanche created Procore with a mission to connect everyone in construction on a global platform and a vision to improve the lives of everyone in construction. In 2020, the company doubled its annual revenue to $400 million USD.

Procore is tailored for owners, general contractors, and specialty contractors looking to build smarter by winning and delivering more profitable projects, all while reducing risk and rework. Customers love Procore because it connects all project stakeholders with an unlimited user model and support model. That means even non-paying users (collaborators) have access to Procore, so everyone on the job is working off the same information.

Over one million projects and more than $1 trillion USD in construction volume have run on the platform, which is used in over 125 countries. Procore's App Marketplace has over 300 partner solutions that integrate seamlessly with the Procore platform, giving construction professionals the freedom to connect with what works best for them.


11. Asana
Category: Collaboration
Location: San Francisco, California

Founded in 2008 by Facebook Co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and former Facebook and Google
engineer Justin Rosenstein, Asana helps teams orchestrate work from daily tasks to cross-functional enterprise initiatives. With Asana, organizations have a living system of clarity where everyone—regardless of where they’re located—can see, discuss, and execute their team’s priorities.

While the global shift to remote work may have heightened the awareness of how difficult it is to achieve clarity at work, the problems themselves are not new. More than 100,000 paying customers and millions of teams around the world, from small businesses to large enterprises, rely on Asana to manage everything from company objectives to product launches and marketing campaigns.

The company recently announced Video Messaging in partnership with Vimeo. Bringing the benefits of live video communication to Asana reduces meetings, eliminates information silos and creates a single source of truth for distributed teams and timezones. This new integration allows users to connect asynchronously, delivering benefits of face-to-face communication without the tax of more video meetings or emails.

Asana also added automation features to My Tasks, a personal prioritization system that combines an individual’s to-dos with their broader team’s work, as well as a Smart Calendar Assistant Integration with Clockwise to easily schedule tasks into real time without leaving Asana.


12. iCIMS
Category: Talent Management
Location: Holmdel, New Jersey

Having the right talent is critical to an organization's success, especially as employers across the world continue to recover and rebuild. iCIMS is the talent cloud company that empowers organizations to attract, engage, hire, and advance the right talent. With 20+ years of experience and over 2.4 million global users, iCIMS accelerates talent transformation for 4,000+ customers, including 40 percent of the Fortune 100, providing innovations that meet evolving business and talent needs. The world's best brands—including Target, CVS, Ford, Lockheed Martin, and L'Oréal—trust iCIMS to power their talent acquisition, hire at scale, and provide top-notch experiences.

The company introduced the iCIMS Talent Cloud in 2020 and refreshed its brand to support employers as they build strong teams for the future. iCIMS also acquired three organizations—, EASYRECRUE, and Altru Labs—to guide customers through the new world of work. iCIMS previously acquired Jibe and TextRecruit.

iCIMS is #1 in global recruitment technology market share (source: Acadian Advisory), has more than 700 global partners and 300 product integrations and a workforce of about 1,100 people worldwide. iCIMS has built a culture shaped by its values: purpose, innovation, accountability, velocity, customer obsession, and inclusion.


13. Autodesk
Category: Design Solutions
Location: San Rafael, California

Autodesk is an American multinational corporation that makes specialized software for industries including architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, entertainment, and media. The last 19 Academy Award winners for Best Visual Effects have used Autodesk software to create their movie magic. Since its 1982 launch, Autodesk continues to develop the broadest portfolio of 3D software for global markets.

For years Autodesk’s flagship product AutoCAD has been used by top brands such as Tesla. Architects, structural designers, and engineers have all relied on AutoCAD for designing, drafting, and modeling structures. The popular product has seen 31 versions since it was introduced in 1982, meaning it has been around even longer than Microsoft Windows. Over the years, the company has expanded its portfolio of computer-aided design (CAD) software. With over 90 products to choose from, Autodesk has established itself as a leading presence in the global CAD industry.

In March 2021, Autodesk finalized the acquisition of Innovyze, a water-systems software company, for $1 billion in cash. Fortunately, the company's coffers run deep: at the end of October 2020, Autodesk had $1.5 billion in cash. As of June 2021, the firm boasts a market capitalization of $61 billion.


14. Intuit
Category: Financial Solutions
Location: Mountain View, California

Intuit was the brainchild of entrepreneur Scott Cook, who co-founded the company with Tom Proulx in 1983. As an undergraduate at Stanford University, Proulx wrote the first version of Intuit mainstay Quicken, then only a simple check-balancing program. Since its founding, Intuit has seen substantial growth and now controls the majority of U.S. market share for small-business accounting and DIY tax-filing software. With headquarters in Mountain View, California, Intuit has operations in some 20 locations in nine countries, including Canada, India, and the U.K.

Following the successful launch of Quicken in the early ‘80s, other major software products were soon released under the Intuit banner. Serving approximately 100 million customers worldwide, the company now offers a vast array of business and financial management solutions. Its products include the tax preparation application TurboTax, personal finance app Mint, and small business accounting program QuickBooks. The company also offers ProSeries and Lacerte — tax preparation products developed for professional accountants.

In one of the biggest fintech deals of 2020, Intuit acquired Credit Karma for $8.1 billion, only further increasing its dominance in the market. The expansion is paying off already: Intuit reported that revenue for the quarter ending April 30, 2021 was $4.2 billion, a 39% increase year-over-year.


15. Altimetrik
Category: Digital Transformation
Location: Southfield, Michigan

The Altimetrik journey began in 2012 when Raj Vattikuti created the company to challenge the conventional approach to how businesses develop digital products and to deliver quick, lasting results. Many companies are stuck in their digital enablement efforts, lacking the ability to harness the power of data and technology. Over the past decade Altimetrik has helped clients get unstuck by rethinking the typical cumbersome big bang approach prone to falling short of expectations. Altimetrik debunks the myth that building a digital business is expensive, complex, and takes too long by taking a collaborative end-to-end approach while delivering quick bite-size outcomes.

This approach has led to consistent double digit revenue growth and a growing list of top global brands the company is proud to call clients. Fueled by a strong global need for digital business enablement, demand has sharply accelerated as companies of all sizes respond to customers’ increasing appetite for digital products and services. With development centers across the globe and over 3,200 energized practitioners, Altimetrik partners with leading Fortune 500 companies, mid-size firms, and startups alike to increase their agility, power continuous innovation and rapid experimentation that accelerates growth and profitability.


16. Workday
Category: Human Capital Management
Location: Pleasanton, California

Based in Pleasanton, California, Workday has been in business for nearly 20 years. Today it is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, helping customers adapt and thrive in a changing world. This company's software provides businesses with helpful analytical insight along with information-backed support for decision-making. In addition to its platform, Workday also provides application programming interfaces for web services along with packaged connectors and integrations.

Workday applications have been adopted by thousands of organizations around the world and across industries — from medium-sized businesses to more than 45 percent of the Fortune 500. Some of the company's most notable customers include Amazon, Netflix, Bank of America, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

A global leader in SaaS management, Workday’s data centers are located in places such as the U.S., Ireland, Amsterdam, and Georgia. Revenue for their fiscal 2021 year exceeded $4.3 billion. In 2020, Fortune magazine ranked Workday at #5 on their Fortune List of the Top 100 Companies to Work For. On top of that, Workday was named one of Ethisphere’s 2021 World’s Most Ethical Companies, which recognizes companies with a commitment to advancing business integrity.


17. Salesforce
Category: Customer Relationship Management
Location: San Francisco, California

Salesforce continues to set the standard for customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, boasting a relationship of trust and collaboration with thousands of companies worldwide. Pioneering the very concept of SaaS since the company’s founding in 1999 by Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez, Salesforce maintains its reputation for excellence.

The crown jewel of Salesforce’s offerings is still its Customer 360 platform, representing the union of discrete pieces of customer data into a robust whole and shared securely throughout a company’s applications and departments. The Trailhead Training Platform, Lightning App Builder, and other offerings bring businesses greater control of their cloud-based infrastructure, automation-powered sales and marketing processes, and next-level commerce and analytics solutions. For SMBs as well as large enterprises, Salesforce remains the gold standard when it comes to CRM.

Already considered a top CRM company in the world over the previous decade, Salesforce is raising the bar still higher, now boasting an ARR in excess of $24 billion. Its Dreamforce conference will be held globally for the first time in 2021, bringing its unique portfolio of products to the broadest audience yet.


18. The Trade Desk
Category: Digital Advertising
Location: New York, New York

The Trade Desk is the leading global, independent technology company empowering data-driven digital advertising. The Trade Desk’s robust platform evaluates more than 13 million ad impressions every single second and employs machine learning to help advertisers reach audiences and engage with customers across formats and devices, including mobile, audio, and Connected TV.

Marketers today are under pressure to make every advertising dollar work as hard as possible and to prove ROI, while at the same time being more agile and flexible than ever before. This is driving demand for a more data-driven approach to advertising, which is powering The Trade Desk’s phenomenal growth. Since the company’s initial public offering in September 2016, the Company’s share price has increased more than 2,000%. The Trade Desk now has more than 1,700 employees in offices across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions.

Founded in 2009 by CEO Jeff Green and CTO Dave Pickles, The Trade Desk is building for the future, with continuous development and iteration based on the needs of its clients – the world’s largest brands and advertisers. This includes leading the initial development of an open-source, interoperable identity solution to preserve the future of the open internet. The Trade Desk’s innovation, independence, and superior service are the reasons behind the company’s strong customer retention, which has remained over 95% every quarter for more than six consecutive years.


19. Qualtrics
Category: Experience Management
Location: Seattle, WA / Provo, UT

Experience management (XM) software company Qualtrics continues to deliver along its four core areas of business interaction: customer, employee, brand, and product. Using its signature AI and machine-learning analytics, Qualtrics uses experiential customer data to help clients turbo-charge their customer relationship management (CRM) with regular actionable insights provided through its CustomerXM and EmployeeXM platforms.

CustomerXM covers everything the client sees and interacts with, allowing for an enterprise to stay connected and informed, while EmployeeXM provides utilities for tracking performance and incentivizing each team member. Product and Brand Experience tools enhance a company’s ability to create and market new ideas empowered by intelligent data, ensuring consistency and marketability. Qualtrics redefines the way a business incorporates experience as an asset with a single “System of Action.”

With its more than 2,500 employees divided between its split headquarters in Provo, Utah, and Seattle, Washington’s namesake highrise, the company still expects to grow its workforce substantially. Its clients already include some of today’s most well-known brands, including BMW, Jet Blue, and Under Armour. Qualtrics’ acquisition by SAP in 2019 has led to its successful public launch on the Nasdaq in January 2021.


20. BlackLine
Category: Accounting & Financial Process Automation
Location: Los Angeles, California

Companies come to BlackLine because their traditional manual accounting processes are not sustainable. BlackLine’s cloud-based solutions help companies move to modern accounting by automating financial close, accounts receivable, and intercompany accounting processes.

Founded in 2001 by Therese Tucker, former CTO of SunGuard Treasury Systems, the company set out to replace outdated Excel spreadsheets with an accounting-specific suite of solutions. Now under the direction of CEO Marc Huffman, BlackLine’s accounting automation platform is considered an industry leader with nearly 3,500 customers including Coca-Cola, Dow, eBay, Nasdaq, and Sirius XM.

The company recently expanded its global partner program to scale its business, drive sustained growth and customer success through a world-class partner ecosystem, and further penetrate the combined $28B opportunity in the financial close and accounts receivable automation markets. BlackLine partners include such notable names as Capgemini, Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and SAP.


21. Cisco Systems
Category: Network Technology
Location: San Jose, California

One of the most respected, acclaimed, and successful tech companies in the world, Cisco Systems is largely responsible for keeping networks across the globe connected. Founded in 1984, Cisco is at the heart of Silicon Valley, both literally and metaphorically. The conglomerate manufactures and sells networking hardware and software, as well as telecommunications equipment and other technological services, primarily through its subsidiaries, such as OpenDNS, Webex, Jabber, and Jasper. The company was founded by Sandy Lerner and Leonard Bosack, both of the Stanford University computer science department, quickly becoming an integral part of networking the World Wide Web. Today, Cisco boasts a market cap of more than $200 billion.

After four decades leading the tech industry, Cisco has become a model of optimized organizational structure both for its external performance as well as its internal operations. It is considered the “World’s Best Workplace” by Fortune Magazine — a distinction it has held two years in a row — and is highly ranked as an employer of women, the LGBTQ community, parents, and Millenials. It is also recognized as a military-friendly employer and as one of the world’s most sustainable companies.


22. Nintex
Category: Process Management
Location: Bellevue, Washington

As the global standard in process management and automation, Nintex is on a mission
to improve the way people work. Everyday ops, IT, process professionals, and power
users across more than 10,000 organizations leverage the powerful, easy-to-use, and
complete capabilities of the Nintex Process Platform to drive business outcomes and accelerate digital transformation.

More than 50 percent of the Fortune 500 have standardized on Nintex to
manage, automate, and optimize their business processes, rapidly digitizing hundreds
to even tens of thousands of workflows across their organizations. Notable customers
include the likes of Amazon, AstraZeneca, Berkshire Hathaway, Microsoft, GM Financial,
Salesforce, and Zoom.

Nintex has been recognized as a Digital Process Automation (DPA) leader by Forrester
Research and a leader in three of Aragon’s vendor evaluations related to accelerating
digital business transformation: Digital Business Platforms (DBP), 2021; Digital
Transaction Management (DTM), 2021; and Workflow and Content Automation (WCA),
2020. The company is also on track to surpass the $250 million ARR mark and is one to
watch in the exploding Intelligent Process Automation market, which, according to
Gartner, has a forecasted value of more than $31 billion by 2024.


23. PowerSchool
Category: Education Management
Location: Folsom, California

PowerSchool is the leading provider of cloud-based software for K-12 education in North America. Its mission is to power the education ecosystem with unified technology that helps educators and students realize their full potential in a way that works for the unique needs of their community. PowerSchool, widely recognized as the most comprehensive suite of mission-critical education solutions, connects students, teachers, administrators, and parents, with the shared goal of improving student learning outcomes. From the front office to the classroom to the home, PowerSchool helps schools and districts efficiently manage instruction, learning, grading, attendance, assessment, analytics, state reporting, special education, student registration, talent, finance, and human resources.

PowerSchool supports over 45 million students and 12,000+ districts, schools, and other education institutions in over 90 countries. Following the dramatic overnight shift to distance learning in the spring of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PowerSchool immediately pivoted to help customers, districts, and educators keep the learning going in the classroom and at home.

PowerSchool Unified Classroom 2021 is the only solution to combine best-in-class learning management system (LMS), formative assessment, special programs, student information system (SIS), and unified analytics to create a complete teaching and learning classroom solution that helps give teachers the time and information they need to support whole child instruction. These connections bring together in one place the critical teaching and learning tools that educators, students, and families need to succeed.


24. Twilio
Category: Cloud Communications
Location: San Francisco, California

Cloud communications company Twilio helps to fill the gaps so often left in traditional modes of communication with its proprietary cloud communications platform as a service (CPaaS). In addition to helping businesses and individuals make calls and send messages using its cloud-based web service APIs, the company has also released open-sourced software such as OpenVBX, which lets businesses configure phone numbers to receive and route calls, and Stashboard, a status dashboard written in Python that displays the functionality of a service.

Apart from its continued acquisition of up-and-coming tech enterprises in its ongoing expansion — Segment and messaging service Zipwhip being two recent examples — Twilio’s participation in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic has set a new standard for corporate engagement. In March of this year, Twilio pledged to power critical Covid communications for more than one billion people, and has worked with over 450 federal, state, and local governments, health services, educational institutions, NGOs, and nonprofits to facilitate safe communication of important health information.


25. Gainsight
Category: Customer Success
Location: San Francisco, California

Since its founding in 2009, Gainsight has devoted itself to revolutionizing the field of customer success management (CSM), particularly with the ever-wider adoption of SaaS. Now, Gainsight’s proprietary platform helps equip enterprises with the tools they need to harness data into usable, actionable insights for improving client experience. Rather than focusing purely on retention, businesses around the world use Gainsight to increase customer satisfaction.

CEO Nick Mehta leads his team of 700 through his signature “Golden Rule” philosophy, integrating this concept into the company culture as well as Gainsight’s product itself. Gainsight reached an ARR in excess of $100 million in 2020, demonstrating continuing upward momentum for the company. In addition to its impressive customer base that includes software stalwarts Adobe, HP, Marketo, and Workday, recently Gainsight added numerous software, fintech, and healthcare IT firms such as Quest Software and SMART Technologies to its portfolio.


26. Zoho
Category: Customer Relationship Management
Location: Chennai, India

Formerly known as AdventNet, India- and California-based CRM company Zoho is giving the bigger tech players like Google a run for their money when it comes to enterprise workflow and human resources solutions. With its distinctive CRM platform, Zoho puts together sales, marketing, inventory management, and human resources into one convenient, cloud-based solution while integrating seamlessly with its competitor G Suite to boost enterprise intelligence and communication.

Founded in 1996, Zoho has exploded over the past two decades, currently claiming more than 60 million satisfied customers. Zoho has led the charge in enabling a swift corporate response to the pandemic and subsequent work-from-home revolution, offering free subscriptions to its platform to its millions of SMB and enterprise clients. Zoho has weathered other crises that have felled many of its competitors since its formation, and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. And with its strategic focus on its philosophy of transnational localism in the wake of the pandemic recovery process, Zoho is well positioned to see continued success and growth.


27. Atlassian
Category: Project Management
Location: Sydney, Australia

In only a few short years, university students Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar turned their hustle and their drive to up their software game into a multi-billion-dollar company, Australian software titan Atlassian. The fruits of their labor, Jira, is a complete project management, bug tracking, and all-around IT management platform. The Confluence team management platform allows for company-wide collaboration and dissemination of knowledge in wiki form, providing an easily-searchable information repository that’s already integrated with Jira’s systems and supported with an early yet still widely used array of cloud products.

Atlassian is already used by over 160,000 organizations, including companies as diverse as Carfax and Domino’s Pizza. In 2019, the company finally cemented its status in the upper echelons of the software industry with annual revenue surpassing the billion-dollar mark. The growing enterprise software company boasts nearly 5,000 employees in its Sydney, New York City, Amsterdam, and Manila offices. In 2020 Atlassian announced it would be pivoting away from server-based products and towards greater emphasis on cloud and data center services.


28. VMware
Category: Cloud Computing
Location: Palo Alto, California

VMware is a cloud computing and virtualization technology company. As its name implies, the use of VMware, or "Virtual Machine" ware, creates a virtual machine that allows businesses to run multiple application and operating system workloads on one server, reducing IT costs while increasing the flexibility of the computing environment. VMware has proven particularly suitable for new businesses that are growing quickly. Over the years, VMware's employees and ecosystem of 75,000 partners have been behind technology innovations transforming a wide array of industries, including banking, healthcare, retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, and even government.

Founded in 1998, the company is known worldwide for its vSphere VMware Hypervisor, which enables the virtualization of practically any x86 or x64 architecture. VMware was the first commercially successful company to virtualize the x86 architecture. In 2004 the company was acquired by EMC (which was later acquired by Dell in 2016), and since these acquisitions, many more products have been added to the VMware inventory. The company now has a major presence in private data centers, cloud management services, virtualized storage, networking, and desktop software. As businesses promote digitization with a push for remote working, VMware's offerings become even more valuable. The company's revenue rose from $9.6 billion to $11.8 billion between 2018 and 2020.


29. Shopify
Category: eCommerce
Location: Ottawa, Canada

Online commerce giant Shopify was founded in 2006 by snowboarding enthusiasts Tobias Lütke and Scott Lake. Although the company was originally a mere online snowboard shop, it pivoted into ecommerce software when the founders couldn't find what they were looking for online — a platform for users to sell goods while simultaneously growing their brand in the digital space.

Shopify's success is now legendary. As of May 2021, the company announced that it had more than 1,700,000 businesses in approximately 175 countries using its platform. In return, the software company earns subscription fees. Subscriptions range from $29 per month for entrepreneurs to $2,000 and up for large companies. It also offers shipping, digital payments, and fulfillment, all under the umbrella terms of merchant solutions.

In 2020, Shopify emerged as a clear coronavirus stock winner. In fact, the Ottawa, Canada-based company has been one of the fastest-growing stocks of all time, up more than 5,700% since its IPO a little over six years ago. As of 2021, Shopify is the largest publicly traded Canadian company by market capitalization. The upstart is now challenging the likes of eBay and for market dominance. Shopify's total revenue for the full year of 2020 was $2.9 billion.


30. Cvent
Category: Event Management
Location: Tysons, Virginia

Facilitating all the ways in which people get together and stay connected while staying safe at home, Cvent offers virtual meeting management software that integrates with all major video conference platforms and event planning resources. Cvent allows businesses to create fully customized virtual work environments and event spaces, then easily integrate all relevant event data into their existing CRM.

Based in Washington, DC and used by companies worldwide aided by its international offices, Cvent continues to be led by CEO and Founder Reggie Aggarwal. Boasting more than 4,000 employees helping over 150,000 customers on 500,000 campaigns, Cvent scales to help businesses of any size accomplish their virtual communication and event needs. With the imminent return of more in-person event needs, Cvent has led the charge in preparedness with its “Road to Recovery” guide for hotels and venue spaces, and its new strategic partnerships with Uber and Encore ensure the company will be ready to help the world start meeting in person once again.


31. Talend
Category: Data Integration
Location: Redwood City, California

Based in Redwood City, California, Talend is a provider of cloud data integration and integrity solutions for healthcare, financial, government, retail, and telecom organizations. Talend’s Data Fabric combines data integration, integrity, and governance in a single, unified platform to actively manage the health of corporate information. The company’s innovative Trust Score function instantly assesses the reliability of an organization's data in what Talend calls an “industry-first” measure of data and health that intelligently diagnoses and resolves data integrity issues, allowing for better decision making.

Although the company is now strategically headquartered in Silicon Valley, Talend was founded in France in 2005 by Fabrice Bonan and Bertrand Diard in an effort to make data integration simple, powerful, flexible, and scalable. More than 15 years later, Talend is a publicly-traded company with a market cap of over $2 billion. The company boasts a customer portfolio including AstraZeneca, Domino’s Pizza, GE Healthcare, Groupon, and other titans of industry. The company is currently led by CEO Christal Bemont, who previously spent 15 years moving up the ranks at SAP Concur to become chief revenue officer before joining Talend.


32. Templafy
Category: Document Solutions
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

In light of the continuing need for hybrid workplaces in the foreseeable future, Templafy is positioned to redefine how enterprises connect their content across the tech stack. Since 2014, this fast-growing B2B SaaS company has established itself as a global powerhouse that helps clientele process business content including documents, presentations, and emails. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, the company now maintains offices in New York, London, Berlin, Sydney, and Eindhoven. Presently, Templafy serves over 2.8 million users, which includes at least 600 enterprise customers like KPMG, IKEA, and BDO.

Last year, Templafy introduced Hive, a new iteration of its platform that redefined the typical workflow of creating business content. Hive’s application-agnostic nature ensures users can begin business content creation from within their CRM system, DMS, SharePoint, or within Microsoft Office or Google Workspace as they do today, making the process more intuitive from the start.

In June 2021 Templafy announced that it had raised $60 million in a fresh round of funding. Its latest cash injection will be used to help the company capitalize on its rapid growth over the past 14 months. Indeed, since its Series C last April, Templafy has quadrupled its customer base.


33. Cloudflare
Category: Web Infrastructure
Location: San Francisco, California

Since 2009, Cloudflare has been on a mission to help build a better internet by stopping malicious traffic and optimizing content delivery. Founded by Lee Holloway, Matthew Prince, and Michelle Zatlyn, Cloudflare is a web infrastructure and website security company that provides content delivery network services, DDoS mitigation, Internet security, and distributed domain name server services. Its infrastructure hosts well-known websites such as Zoom, Spotify, Reddit, and YouTube, among millions more, making it one of the largest networks in the world. Unlike other CDNs, Cloudflare focuses on network security as well as performance, and the company has indicated it may enter the cloud hosting sector dominated by Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, as well as compete against Google Analytics with a more privacy-friendly offering.

Cloudflare is run by two of its co-founders, CEO Prince and COO Zatlyn. The two have led the company to annual revenue of $430 million and a market cap of $33 billion, making each of them a billionaire. In addition to its financial success, the company has received numerous industry awards, including 2021 “Most Innovative Companies” and “World Changing Ideas” from Fast Company.


Category: Business Productivity
Location: San Francisco, California

In 2011, MURAL was launched to give teams a secure, digital workspace to collaborate visually from anywhere. To do this it relies on a digital whiteboard canvas that allows colleagues and clients to share ideas and brainstorm, even when they're remote. Today, MURAL leads the market with best-in-class security and facilitator features that help teams collaborate using 200+ goal-oriented templates, digital sticky notes, images, diagrams, drawings, and more.

When the pandemic accelerated the need for businesses to create while working remotely, visual collaboration went mainstream. According to MURAL, prior to 2020, its monthly active users were in the hundreds of thousands. By August 2020, however, the company had added over a million monthly active users. Currently the company supports nearly 80 percent of Fortune 100 global enterprises. Clients such as IBM, IDEO, Autodesk, Intuit, GitHub, and Atlassian use the MURAL platform to work together — at any time and from anywhere.

Because of the company's accelerated growth, MURAL has recently attracted new backers. In August 2020, MURAL closed $118 million in Series B funding, giving it a total $142 million. Headquartered in Buenos Aires and San Francisco, MURAL's teams are spread across California, Colorado, Atlanta, New York, Miami, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, the Netherlands, and beyond.


35. Stack Overflow
Category: Developer Tools
Location: New York

Launched in 2008, Stack Overflow has made a name for itself by operating as a question-and-answer website used by software developers and other types of workers such as financial professionals and marketers who increasingly need coding skills. While not necessarily a household name, Stack Overflow is probably one of the most copy-and-pasted sites on the Internet. With headquarters in New York, the company also offers a Jobs section to assist developers in finding their next opportunity. For employers, Stack Overflow provides tools to brand their business, advertise their openings on the site, and source candidates from Stack Overflow's database of developers who are open to being contacted.

Overall, Stack Overflow attracts 100 million monthly visitors and over 200,000 monthly signups from across the world. More specifically, Stack Overflow has deep engagement within its tech-focused community, with over 85 percent of its learning-focused community visiting the platform every week to access more than 52 million questions and answers. In fact, every 14 seconds, a new question is asked on Stack Overflow. Since its creation, the platform has helped developers and technologists visiting the site more than 50 billion times. In June 2021, Stack Overflow was sold for $1.8 billion to Prosus, one of Europe’s most valuable tech companies.


36. DataRobot
Category: Data Analytics
Location: Boston, Massachusetts

As businesses continue to rely on large data sets, there arises the importance of instant analysis and immediate response. Enter DataRobot, the Boston-based data science company that enables business analysts to build predictive analytics with no knowledge of Machine Learning (ML) or programming. Instead, DataRobot uses automated ML to build and deploy accurate predictive models in a short span of time.

The DataRobot platform has evolved during the last few years to take advantage of the innovations in the public cloud. Enterprises can now choose to run the software either in the public cloud or on-premises data center. The hosted version dubbed DataRobot Cloud Platform currently runs on AWS. To date, the company's clients represent a wide range of industries. Examples of adoption include Lenovo, which used DataRobot to estimate retail demand in Brazil, and United Airlines, which used the same software to predict which passengers might gate-check bags.

DataRobot was founded in 2012 by Jeremy Achin and Tom de Godoy, and their company has grown and expanded at a fast pace. In 2019 DataRobot reached unicorn status after a $206 million Series E funding round put its cumulative value north of $1 billion. Since then, the privately held company has raised over $750 million across nine funding rounds and now has an estimated $2.8 billion valuation.


37. Acquia
Category: Digital Experience Platforms
Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Acquia is the open digital experience company that empowers the world’s most ambitious brands to create customer moments that matter. The company’s co-founder and CTO Dries Buytaert is also the creator of Drupal, the open source content management framework. Acquia was founded in 2007 to provide infrastructure, support, and services to enterprise organizations using Drupal. The company has since grown to provide a fully loaded digital experience platform (DXP) with Drupal at its core. In 2019, Acquia announced a majority investment from Vista Equity Partners, which valued the company at $1 billion. The investment supports Acquia’s work advancing its global network and continuing to build the industry’s only open DXP.

Today the CIOs and CMOs of thousands of global organizations use Acquia’s solutions to gain insights that power superior digital customer experiences in order to boost conversion, revenue, and customer lifetime value. Customers include leading brands such as Godiva, J.Crew, Johnson & Johnson, Lids, and lululemon as well as government agencies, colleges, and universities looking to leverage open technology.

On March 24, 2021 Acquia announced major updates to the Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP) tailored to marketers and developers. These updates include the launch of Acquia Experience Platform, including Acquia CMS, the industry’s first agile enterprise content management system (CMS) built on Drupal. In addition, major enhancements to Acquia Drupal Cloud and Acquia Marketing Cloud promise to make digital experiences faster, more data-driven, and easier to build.


38. Imply
Category: Data Analytics
Location: Burlingame, California

Imply provides a suite of tools to run large-scale analytic workloads. Built by the original authors of the Apache Druid database, Imply allows clients to analyze user activity data, digital media logs, network flows, server metrics, application logs and store, query, and visualize event-driven data.

The company’s platform has been adopted by some of the world’s largest companies. More than 100 enterprise (including Plaid and Cisco ThousandEyes) and digital-native customers use Imply as the engine for analytics-powered applications that they build, and/or as a complete solution to directly solve internal BI and operational analytics use cases. The platform is available in multiple forms. Customers can access it as a cloud service, a self-hosted software in the cloud, and as on-premise software.

Imply was founded in 2015 and is backed by leading Silicon Valley venture capital firms including Andreessen Horowitz and Khosla Ventures. With the market opportunity for big data analytics seeing expansion, the company continues to attract the attention of even more investors. In June 2021 Imply announced the closing of a $70 million Series C, bringing total funding to over $116 million. Headquartered in California, Imply has operations in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.


39. Argo AI
Category: Autonomous Driving Technology
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

As self-driving technology edges closer to an everyday reality, Argo AI is at a unique advantage in the field. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based autonomous driving technology company is backed by two of the world’s leading automakers: Ford Motor Company and the Volkswagen Group. In 2017, Ford invested $1 billion into Argo, which allowed it to acquire Princeton Lightwave, a lidar technology company.

Thanks to the integration of Princeton Lightwave’s research, development and production, Argo will be incorporating its own proprietary lidar technology into Ford’s first wave of self-driving vehicles. In 2020, Volkswagen committed an additional $1 billion, plus its own Autonomous Intelligent Driving unit, giving the company a foothold in the European market.

Argo AI was founded in 2016 by native Michiganders Brian Salesky and Peter Rander, both veterans of self-driving technology R&D — Salensky with Google’s Waymo and Rander with Uber Technologies. As Ford prepares to roll out driverless taxis and delivery pods, Argo AI is considering a 2021 initial public offering; prior to the Volkswagen deal, the company was valued at $7 billion. Salensky, the company’s CEO, has not ruled out pursuing a similar partnership with an Asian automaker in the future, which would solidify Argo AI as a global leader in AV.


40. Hootsuite
Category: Social Media Management
Location: Vancouver, Canada

Hootsuite was founded in 2008 as a startup with the mission to power social media for brands and organizations around the world. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Hootsuite offers an all-in-one SaaS solution that empowers customers to strategically grow their brands, businesses, and customer relationships with social media. Hootsuite’s platform enables customers to manage all their social media channels from one place, allowing them to create and schedule posts to multiple networks simultaneously, monitor posts, manage and respond to incoming messages from customers, track and manage brand mentions and market activity, easily create and manage advertising campaigns, and measure and analyze users’ performance on social media.

In January Hootsuite announced the acquisition of Sparkcentral, which amplifies its digital customer engagement capabilities, to power social customer care by aggregating messaging channels into Hootsuite’s platform, allowing companies to strengthen one-on-one marketing channels and communications. In June 2020, Hootsuite announced the appointment of Tom Keiser as the new Chief Executive Officer of Hootsuite. In this role, Keiser is focused on leading the company through its next stage of rapid growth — starting with a 20% growth in people and setting his sights on global markets.

Since the company’s founding, Hootsuite has amassed over 213,000 paying customers, millions of users, and 1,000 employees around the globe. To date, Hootsuite has raised nearly $250M in funding and is trusted by global enterprise customers including Melia Hotels International, Clarins UK, SXSW, Virgin, World Wildlife Fund, and more.


41. Samsara
Category: Cloud Computing and AI
Location: San Francisco, California

Samsara was founded in 2015 with the mission to increase the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the operations that power the global economy. Co-founders Sanjit Biswas and John Bicket saw the massive impact that cloud computing and AI had on both consumer and enterprise businesses over the past decade. They sought to drive similar digital transformation for organizations with physical operations that have historically been underserved by technology, even though they represent a massive market opportunity of over 40% of U.S. GDP.

Samsara is the pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud, which allows organizations that depend on physical operations to harness IoT data to develop actionable business insights and improve those operations. This is often reflected in meaningful cost savings, improved workplace safety, and superior end-customer experience. Samsara’s platform allows organizations to manage their entire operations—from vehicle fleets, to equipment, to worksites—in one place, enabling a more holistic view and meaningful business impact.

Today, the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud serves more than 20,000 customers across a wide range of industries including transportation, wholesale and retail trade, construction, field services, logistics, utilities and energy, government, healthcare and education, manufacturing, and food and beverage. Samsara has raised a total of $930 million in funding.


42. Planview
Category: Enterprise Planning
Location: Austin, Texas

Planview has a single focus on helping enterprises transform strategy to delivery in today’s fast-paced, highly disruptive markets. Enterprises today are grappling with massive change and a surge in digital transformation initiatives, and the way teams work to turn strategy into outcomes has to evolve. For over 30 years, Planview solutions have helped create organizational focus on the strategic outcomes that matter, empowering teams to deliver their best work no matter how they work.

Planview, which recently acquired industry leaders Clarizen and Changepoint, has over 1,000 employees supporting 4,500 customers. Its more than 1.3 million users represent an unmatched community of Agile leaders, Project Management Offices (PMO), Project Portfolio Management (PPM), and Professional Services Automation (PSA) practitioners in the world.

With this rich history of technology innovation, industry leadership, and a world-class community of experts, Planview is poised to accelerate upon its proven track record of partnering with customers to transform enterprises to meet the demands of our changing environment. Clients of Planview include Royal Bank of Scotland, Flowserve Corporation, Polaris Industries, Eircom Group, Mentor, ThermoFisher Scientific, National Westminster Bank, and Parkview Health.


43. airSlate
Category: Digital Transformation
Location: Boston, Massachusetts

airSlate is at the forefront of building solutions that accelerate digital transformation for innovators on teams of all sizes, from SMBs to enterprise. The company’s electronic signature, PDF editing, and workflow automation solutions empower anyone to become an entrepreneur within their team, and to create, innovate, and automate to digitally transform their organizations to run faster and more easily.

Headquartered in Boston, airSlate was founded in 2008 with the goal of solving a simple problem that originally had nothing to do with workflows: how to create fillable and editable forms and documents from PDF files. Today, the product that came from that original effort (pdfFiller) is used by millions of people around the globe. Since then, airSlate has expanded its solutions and no-code workflow automation to empower non-technical users to digitally transform their front and back-office business processes, such as employee and customer onboarding, sales and ordering workflows, contracts and payments.

airSlate’s no-code ethos accelerates time-to-value for its solutions and enables any team member to focus on more valuable tasks to have an immediate impact on the bottom line and deliver a superior customer experience. signNow, pdfFiller, and airSlate make up its portfolio of award-winning products. The company’s solutions integrate smoothly with existing tools, and are infinitely configurable for the no-code developer to unlock their limitless creativity to transform the digital experience.


44. Iterable
Category: Marketing Technology
Location: San Francisco, California

In 2013, Andrew Boni, who worked at Google on AdSense, teamed up with former Twitter engineer Justin Zhu to found Iterable, a platform that lets marketing managers send messages to potential customers. As its name implies, the philosophy behind Iterable is that you’re given a platform to iterate, to try out many different approaches across a range of channels, leveraging data to build customer relations and engagement. From Iterable’s dashboard, salespeople can orchestrate welcome campaigns and trials, targeted sales, promotions, and product updates across mail, mobile push, SMS, in-app, web push, and direct mail channels.

Iterable also offers a feature called sent time optimization (STO), an AI-powered sending tool that automatically determines the time to send an email for engagement based on a user’s historical behavior. Over 300 customers have used STO to send more than 2 billion messages from more than 100,000 campaigns.

To date the company has attracted over 800 clients, including DoorDash, Fender, Calm, Box, and In June 2021, Iterable announced the close of a $200 million Series E that values the company at $2 billion post-money. The funds will be spent on hiring, marketing, and R&D initiatives, with an eye towards geographic expansion.


45. Sisense
Category: Business Analytics
Location: New York, New York

Founded in 2004, Sisense goes beyond traditional business intelligence by providing organizations with the ability to infuse analytics everywhere, at the right time, every time. The Sisense Fusion Platform provides two powerful use cases: with analytics, businesses can empower employees of all skill levels to analyze data and build customized and personalized experiences that are infused directly into workflows and business processes. And with analytics for customers, users are able to rapidly create powerful differentiation with the API-First platform that seamlessly infuses AI-powered intelligence and self-service analysis into customer products at scale.

With the appointment of Ashley Kramer (from Alteryx) to Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Shelly Landsmann (most recently from Microsoft) as Vice President of International Sales and Global Alliances, and Sarah Ward (formerly of MongoDB) to General Counsel, the company’s operating executive unit is now 50% female. More than 2,000 global companies such as GitLab, UiPath, Tinder, Nasdaq, GE, Rolls Royce, and Philips Healthcare rely on Sisense to innovate, disrupt markets and drive meaningful change in the world. Sisense has over $100M in annual recurring revenue, over $200M in funding, and over 800 employees in diverse locations such as Tokyo, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Kiev, Melbourne, New York, and Arizona.


46. Pipedrive
Category: Customer Relationship Management
Location: Tallinn, Estonia and New York City

Since 2010, Pipedrive has continued to support company growth and product innovation and meet the needs of today's sales environments. The company provides a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that is designed to guide intricate or lengthy sales processes. With Pipedrive, users have access to timely, detailed, and accurate sales reporting and revenue projections, thus allowing them to advance deals through their pipelines.

In September 2020, Pipedrive bolstered its offerings by relaunching LeadBooster, a comprehensive new lead generation and management toolset. Fully integrated into the Pipedrive platform, LeadBooster gives users the ability to search a unique B2B database of 400 million business profiles for high-quality outbound leads, which is just one among many of its key features.

The company has more than 800 employees in its ten offices across Europe and the U.S. Everyday over 95,000 sales teams around the world use Pipedrive's platform to get more qualified leads into their pipelines and take quicker action on the most promising deals. In 2019, Financial Times included Pipedrive in the FT 1000, a list of Europe's fastest-growing companies. That same year the company raised a total of $91 million in funding. Later in 2020, Pipedrive became the fifth Estonian-founded unicorn after its valuation exceeded the $1 billion mark.


47. Pax8
Category: Cloud Technology
Location: Greenwood Village, Colorado

Pax8 is a leading cloud technology provider, strategically focusing on IT professionals that support small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Through its innovative solutions and its award-winning partner program, industry-leading Pax8 technology marketplace, Pax8 enables its partners to provide their clients enterprise-level cloud technology and support.

Pax8 simplifies the cloud journey by providing instant license purchasing, industry-leading provisioning, and one monthly consolidated bill. Its empowerment program equips partners with the knowledge and resources to establish a strong cloud practice. Partners are given simple, intuitive ways to position the technology, enable correct capabilities, and build comprehensive security solutions.
 Pax8's technology is revolutionary to the cloud industry, and its educational and enablement programs are best in class.

Pax8 enables SMBs nationwide with advanced cloud solutions through its dedicated approach to partner enablement. Its solutions have helped thousands of businesses migrate to the cloud and sustain operations through a challenging year. As employees head back into offices, some remote work aspects will remain, creating a new hybrid environment. Pax8 will continue driving partners' success in establishing their clients' remote workplaces, empowering them through this technology evolution.


48. Outreach
Category: Sales Engagement
Location: Seattle, Washington

Outreach is the largest and fastest-growing sales intelligence and engagement provider, helping companies dramatically increase productivity and drive smarter, more insightful engagement with their customers. With a valuation of $4.4B, Outreach is the most valued platform in the category. More than 4,800 companies such as Adobe, Tableau, Okta, Splunk, DocuSign, and SAP depend on Outreach's enterprise-scale, unparalleled customer adoption, and robust AI-powered innovation.

Outreach’s AI-powered technology helps its customers drive measurable growth, increase efficiency and effectiveness of customer-facing teams, and improve visibility into sales activity and performance. One Forrester study shows that Outreach provides an ROI of 387% over three years. The only sales engagement and intelligence platform to make the Forbes Cloud 100, Outreach was also the fastest-growing vendor in the category on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500.

Before the pandemic, Outreach’s sales engagement technology was considered a nice addition for any sales team. Now, it’s essential. With 80% of buying and selling activities now in remote or digital settings, every member of the revenue team needs an engagement and intelligence platform to better understand the sentiment of their prospects and customers, and to manage and orchestrate their omnichannel interactions. During the pandemic, Outreach’s revenue cleared $100M, and its new logo acquisition was up 100% in the first quarter of 2021.


49. Fivetran
Category: Cloud Data Integration
Location: Oakland, California

Fivetran solves a key problem faced by almost every organization trying to make better decisions: centralizing data for analysis without wasting engineering resources to build and maintain individual connectors to every data source. As a category-defining cloud data integration company, Fivetran manages its customers' data pipelines, providing instant access to more than 1.5 trillion rows of data every month.

Fivetran automates delivery of data to leading cloud data stores (Snowflake, Looker, BigQuery, and more) the same way a utility company delivers electricity: by centralizing all of an organization’s data with self-healing capabilities to ensure data is delivered even when source systems change, including schema and API changes. As a result, companies can focus on putting their data to work without having to spend time figuring out how to find, collect, manage, and centralize the data.

Fivetran works with thousands of customers and hundreds of leading brands across the globe, including ASICS, Autodesk, BJ’s Restaurants, Conagra Brands, DocuSign, Forever 21, Lionsgate, Square, and Urban Outfitters. In June 2020, the company raised $100 million in Series C financing at a valuation of $1.2 billion, bringing its total funding to $163 million. Over the past year, the company has doubled its revenue and the size of its team, which now totals more than 550 employees. Fivetran guarantees 99.9 percent data pipeline up-time, and as a result, boasts an industry-leading 93 percent customer satisfaction rating. The company is headquartered in Oakland, with global offices in Denver, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, India, Russia, Australia, and Singapore.


50. Absolute Software
Category: Cybersecurity
Location: Vancouver, Canada / Austin, TX

Founded in 1993 as a response to the problem of laptop theft and loss, Absolute Software has become a leader in Endpoint Resilience™ solutions and remains the industry’s only undeletable defense platform, embedded in over half a billion devices. Since the early 2000s Absolute has partnered with top device manufacturers to install the software at the BIOS level of their firmware, giving Absolute a highly privileged position within the cybersecurity sector.

Enabling a permanent digital tether between the endpoint and the enterprise that distributes it, Absolute provides IT and security organizations with complete connectivity, visibility, and control, whether a device is on or off the corporate network, and empowers them with self-healing Endpoint™ security to ensure mission-critical apps remain healthy and deliver intended value. Absolute currently boasts over 13,000 global customers, 140 patents, and 500 million endpoints.

Absolute Software’s ARR as of March 31, 2021 was $120 million, representing a 19% increase over the previous year. Additionally, Absolute recently acquired NetMotion Software, Inc., a leading provider of network connectivity and security solutions, for $340 million. Christy Wyatt, the President and CEO of Absolute, has said she believes the acquisition better positions Absolute to provide customers with “resilient, autonomous endpoints and self-healing mobile network access.”


51. Mapbox
Category: Mapping Solutions
Location: San Francisco, California

Mapbox, a provider of custom online maps, has grown the business from a bootstrapped start-up in Washington, DC, to a robust team of 500+ with offices across the world. Its products are used by tech giants including Adobe, IBM, and Snapchat.

Since 2010, Mapbox has rapidly expanded the niche of custom maps, as a response to the limited choice offered by map providers such as Google Maps. Mapbox does not have an app, but it has over 700 million monthly active users. Mapbox provides a global map, real-time traffic, location search, and navigation via its APIs and SDKs. In addition, its open-source tools help analytics companies understand big geo data, drone companies publish flyovers, real estate sites visualize properties, satellite companies process cloud-free imagery, and insurance companies track assets.

Looking forward, the company is trying to establish itself as the center of car navigation systems. Last year Mapbox inked a deal with BMW Group for in-car navigation. This year the company is looking to unveil deals with a half-dozen additional carmakers. Mapbox has raised a total $226 million to date, and was valued at $1.2 billion as of April 2020.


52. Code42
Category: Cybersecurity
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

More than 50,000 organizations worldwide, including some of the most recognized brands in business and education, rely on Code42 to safeguard their ideas. Founded in 2001, the company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The cybersecurity software company offers backup, disaster recovery, and data loss protection solutions. The provider’s data loss protection solution (Next-Gen DLP) detects insider threats, satisfies regulatory compliance requirements, automatically monitors file activity across computers and the cloud, and even facilitates incident response. Additionally, Code42’s security, IT, and compliance professionals protects endpoint and cloud data from loss, leak, and theft while maintaining a collaborative culture for employees.

CEO/President Joe Payne has been at the top of the company since 2015, steering the firm from one milestone, to the next. Payne is a veteran technologist and marketer, previously serving as CEO of Virginia based-Eloqua, a marketing software firm that he took public in 2012. As CEO of Code42, Payne has been instrumental in enhancing the management team, while also navigating the challenges of growth. Under his leadership Code42 raised $85 million in equity in 2015, in the biggest round of venture capital investment in a Minnesota company since 1999. More recently, Code42 was named one of the Top 175 Workplaces in Minnesota by the Star Tribune in June 2021. Among the top 60 midsize companies, Code42 was ranked #10 on the list.


53. Sendinblue
Category: Marketing
Location: Paris, France

Sendinblue was founded in 2012 with the mission to make the most effective marketing channels accessible to all businesses. Sendinblue has leveled the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) by offering an affordable and intuitive all-in-one digital marketing solution. Unlike competitors, Sendinblue offers the only all-in-one digital marketing solution developed for SMBs, covering tools such as email, SMS, marketing automation, sales management, and live chat. As the leader in SMB digital marketing, Sendinblue offers best-in-class deliverability, the highest touch customer support, powerful integration into CRM systems, and affordability.

Sendinblue’s cloud-based platform enables any SMB to quickly and easily digitize their business and form stronger connections with their customers. During the pandemic, Sendinblue has been a lifeline to thousands of small businesses across the world that were forced to quickly pivot to survive. With over 50+ integrations, including WordPress, Shopify, Salesforce, Zoho, and more, Sendinblue offers SMBs the complete marketing toolbox.

Last October, Sendinblue raised $160M in Series B funding to drive product expansion to further support SMBs and accelerate growth in the North American market. Since 2018, Sendinblue has experienced 100% year-over-year growth in the U.S., the fastest-growing market for the company, and now serves more than 180,000 customers across the world.


54. Alida
Category: Customer Experience Management (CXM)
Location: Toronto, Canada

Alida (formerly Vision Critical) is the creator of the world’s first comprehensive Customer Experience Management (CXM) and insights platform. Based in Toronto and founded in 2000, Alida works with customer-centric enterprises around the world. The company's Sparq platform replaces static data and cumbersome reports with real-time actionable customer intelligence. With these results, clients are able to improve their customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction.

For over 20 years, iconic brands like BuzzFeed, LinkedIn, and Red Bull have chosen Alida's award-winning platform as their secret weapon. As a result, the company has won numerous awards, including being selected as a 2020 "Best Overall SaaS Award" winner by APPEALIE.

Lately, Alida has been on an aggressive growth path. In early 2020 the company was revitalized with a new executive leadership team, including SAP veteran Ross Wainwright as CEO. In June 2021 the company also announced that it was teaming up with Echo MR, a global market research firm, in order to expand Alida's growth into Europe. Several days later, Alida revealed that it had also just secured a sizable debt facility from Comerica Bank. Looking forward, the company plans to use the new funds to continue along its ambitious roadmap into the CXM space.


55. FiscalNote
Category: Information Services
Location: Washington, D.C.

FiscalNote is the premier information services company focused on global policy and market intelligence. By combining AI technology, expert analysis, and legislative, regulatory, and geopolitical data, FiscalNote is reinventing the way that organizations minimize risk and capitalize on opportunity. Founded in 2013 by three high school friends, FiscalNote has gone from a small startup based out of a Motel 6 in Silicon Valley to a global enterprise with more than 500 employees and 5,000 clients worldwide. FiscalNote continues to strengthen and expand its suite of solutions designed to help organizations navigate the global policy landscape.

In 2021, FiscalNote acquired Fireside, a Washington, DC-based provider of SaaS constituent management workflow tools to Capitol Hill; Oxford Analytica, a UK-based leading geopolitical intelligence and advisory company; FactSquared, an AI-enabled data company specializing in analyzing and transcribing comments made by public figures; and Timebase, a Sydney-based provider of legislative research and tracking tools focused on Australian legislation. With a strong belief in pairing advanced technology with human-generated intelligence and insight, FiscalNote is leading the way in providing trusted solutions to help organizations manage their most important policy issues.


56. StellarWP
Category: Development Tools
Location: San Diego, California

Founded in 2021 under the Liquid Web Family of Brands, StellarWP unites Liquid Web's software properties. Through StellarWP, Liquid Web is able to optimize efforts to serve customers with bundled services that enable digital commerce. To do so, StellarWP acts as the umbrella brand for all of Liquid Web's WordPress software and tools. This includes iThemes, The Events Calendar, KadenceWP, Restrict Content Pro, and GiveWP. Notably, StellarWP plugins have a track record of longevity.

In June 2021, StellarWP announced that it had attracted IconicWP to join its software portfolio, thus expanding the family even more. IconicWP provides plugins that add features and functionality to WooCommerce, the eCommerce platform that powers more than one-quarter of online stores across the web. IconicWP has an impeccable reputation for making quality ecommerce products to boost sales and conversions. Their plugins are trusted by more than 16,000 WooCommerce businesses and online shops.

This acquisition aligns with StellarWP’s goal of empowering WordPress users with plugins that propel business and support entrepreneurs. Combined, StellarWP is home to over 100,000 software subscribers and more than 2 million free version software users.


57. QGenda
Category: Workforce Management
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

QGenda is the leading innovator in enterprise healthcare workforce management solutions, delivering solutions for provider scheduling, on-call scheduling, room management, time tracking, compensation management, and workforce analytics. QGenda serves more than 3,500 organizations in over 45 medical specialties. Leading physician groups, hospitals, academic medical centers, and enterprise health systems use QGenda to advance provider scheduling, optimize capacity, and improve access to care. Its 2020 launch of clinical capacity analytics tool QGenda Insights was designed to facilitate strategic labor decisions within health systems to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic as well as other health crises.

The company was founded in 2006 and today is led by CEO Greg Benoit, Chief Customer Officer and CFO Harrison Hellner, and Chief Strategy Officer Rich Miller, and is supported by nearly 400 employees. QGenda solutions are employed by companies working in anesthesiology, cardiology, emergency medicine, hospital medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, pathology, radiology, and urgent care, among others. QGenda is headquartered in Atlanta with offices in Baltimore and Burlington, Vermont. Out of 100 Becker’s Greatest Hospitals, 90 of them use QGenda.


58. Articulate
Category: Education Technology
Location: New York, New York

In 2002, Adam Schwartz used his life savings to start a company called Articulate. Although it began as a plug-in for PowerPoint, today the company has more than 300 employees focused on changing the way the world learns online. Articulate actually has two main products. One is a set of tools for companies building training solutions that connects to an enterprise learning management system. The other product is aimed at small and midsize businesses (SMB) or departments in an enterprise. The company's platform allows users to develop custom, interactive courses that work on every device without any manual tweaking, enabling clients to create e-learning courses for their learning management system.

This approach seems to be working with the company, as it reports 106,000 customers across 161 countries. This includes every single one of the Fortune 100. Naturally, Articulate has started attracting suitors from the financial sector. In July 2021 the company announced a $1.5 billion investment on a $3.75 billion valuation. Considering that the business had been bootstrapped by its founder since the beginning, the new funds make for one of the largest Series A rounds of the year. Articulate plans to use the cash to expand hiring, while trying to grow its sales both in the U.S. and internationally.


59. Pantheon
Category: WebOps Platform
Location: San Francisco, California

Pantheon WebOps Platform powers the open web, running more than 300,000 sites in the cloud for customers including Google, MGM, Stitch Fix, and DocuSign. Every day, thousands of developers and marketers create, iterate, and scale WordPress and Drupal sites to reach billions of people globally.
 With Pantheon, web teams deliver results by iterating quickly, learning, and experimenting with their websites in the same way they do with virtually every other tool in their martech and development stacks.

Pantheon’s multitenant, container-based platform enables organizations to manage all of their websites from a single dashboard. Organizations including Clorox and the United Nations drive results through accelerated development and real-time publishing using Pantheon’s collaborative workflows. In 2019, Pantheon went global with its full access WebOps offering, satisfying clients who require data residency in European, Canadian, or Australian data centers. Thanks to a partnership with Google Cloud Platform to deliver all of their underlying infrastructure, Pantheon now has regional locations in the US, Europe, Australia, and Canada.

Pantheon was founded in 2010 by Zack Rosen, David Strauss, Josh Koenig, and Matt Cheney. Pantheon's Josh Koenig, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, was Named a 2021 Top 25 Software Product Executive by The Software Report.


60. Namely
Category: Human Resource Management
Location: New York, New York

In 2012, Namely was founded to create an HR platform as intuitive as social media, but powerful enough to support the complexity of today’s workforce. Namely specializes in solving the biggest HR challenges that mid-sized companies face — from talent management to time management, benefits administration to payroll — and has a major focus on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Delivering and streamlining the complexities of recruiting, onboarding, time and attendance, performance assessments, compliance, and analytics from a single platform, Namely also offers Managed Payroll and Benefits services. The company further differentiates the client experience through personalized service and easy-to-use applications.

From engaging remote workforces to evolving compliance and legislative requirements, its clients faced a unique set of challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, to keep employees connected and informed, Namely offers a combination of software solutions and services to help HR teams manage effectively during the health crisis.


61. Conductor
Category: Marketing
Location: New York, New York

Founded by CEO Seth Besmertnik in New York City in 2006, Conductor is the world's leading Organic Marketing platform, helping businesses accelerate search traffic, digital growth, and revenue. Conductor's Organic Marketing technology helps marketers create powerful marketing content to drive high quality traffic to their site and track their organic performance. Websites are more valuable than ever in today’s new digital landscape, and Conductor helps enterprise businesses connect with their customers and get found online.

Conductor’s Organic Marketing technology aligns an organization’s SEO, Content, and Web teams to help them work better together, move faster in a single platform, and take action informed by insight. The result is increased marketing agility, which creates a competitive advantage for Conductor customers, improving online acquisition, conversions, and market position.

Conductor was named a Leader in the Forrester Wave for SEO platforms, and is rated #1 by TrustRadius and G2 among enterprise marketers. Recently, at its annual C3 marketing conference, the company announced a major update: the Conductor for Chrome browser extension, enabling marketers to have easily accessible in-browser SEO insights. Conductor’s customers include global and emerging enterprise brands such as Citibank, Visa, and Slack.


62. Grammarly
Category: Communication Software
Location: San Francisco, California

Grammarly’s mission is to improve lives by improving communication. The company’s AI-powered writing assistant helps 30 million people and 30,000 teams write more clearly and effectively every day. With product offerings to empower everyone from students to professionals to enterprise workplace teams, Grammarly is helping people and organizations of all sizes around the world connect and thrive.

One of the world’s most well-known unicorn brands, Grammarly builds its product offerings to solve real communication and business challenges to help people and teams achieve their goals. Because effective communication requires more than just good spelling and grammar, Grammarly’s writing assistant provides real-time suggestions around multiple dimensions of communication, including correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery.

Users consistently report that Grammarly’s writing assistant improves their ability to communicate effectively, while Grammarly Business helps enterprises, organizations, and teams of all sizes accelerate business results through better communication. On average, Grammarly Business customers see a 20% increase in efficiency and up to a 30% increase in customer satisfaction. By giving them the confidence to know they will be understood, Grammarly empowers people and teams around the world to communicate in English with impact.


63. UserZoom
Category: Digital Experience
Location: San Jose, California

UserZoom believes every company is now a digital experience company. Success in the digital experience economy requires businesses to design and deliver great digital experiences, and doing so requires an integrated and organization-wide approach to understanding and measuring this experience through robust, actionable insights that drive business KPIs.

UserZoom’s software and services empower organizations to deliver great digital experiences through experience insights that help product, design, marketing, and leadership teams understand and measure their customers’ experience across all digital touchpoints. With offices in four countries, UserZoom helps global brands such as Google, Oracle, Aetna, Santander, News UK, and half of the Fortune 100 raise the bar for outstanding digital experiences.

In 2021, UserZoom established the category of Experience Insights Management (XIM), the combination of processes, strategies, and technologies that give businesses a single, centralized view of their customer’s digital experience. In June of this year, UserZoom launched QXscore, the industry’s first standardized score to allow companies to easily measure the experience of their digital properties, products, and services over time, and relative to competitors. The company recently raised a $100 million funding round, with Owl Rock as the sole participant.


64. Kibo
Category: eCommerce
Location: Dallas, Texas

Founded in 2016, Kibo is a Dallas, Texas-headquartered software company that offers a cloud-based, end-to-end commerce solution for retailers and branded manufacturers. With Kibo, retailers are given everything they need to run an omnichannel commerce business: from in-store offerings like dynamic payment processing to online applications like web-based merchandising and website content management. By leveraging AI-driven technologies, the company provides a complete omnichannel commerce platform delivered with the lowest total cost of ownership and the fastest time to market.

In 2020, Kibo rolled out unified commerce capabilities with fully integrated Monetate and Certona personalization. The platform, with Machine Learning at its core, delivers for retailers looking to capitalize on recently accelerated online shopping behavior. In January 2021, the company announced that it had achieved substantial growth during the preceding twelve months, driven by the increased dominance of online shopping as a portion of worldwide commerce. Sales for the company’s flagship Unified Commerce Platform grew 500%. Kibo Order Management was recently named a Strong Performer in the Forrester Wave™: Order Management Systems.


65. Panopto
Category: Video Streaming
Location: Seattle, Washington

Panopto helps businesses and universities create secure, searchable video libraries
of their institutional knowledge. With a diverse range of products that support video recording, cataloging, and live streaming, Panopto has become a mainstay of the world’s needs for online lecture delivery strategies. Panopto is used by 22 of the top 25 universities listed on the Times Higher Education World 2021 Rankings, and streams over 700 years worth of video every month. The company has recently announced partnerships with education firms K1 and the Online Learning Consortium to expand their video-based learning offerings to more learners around the world.

Since 2007, the company has been a pioneer in video capture software, video management, and inside-video-search technology. Today, Panopto’s video management system is the largest repository of expert learning videos in the world. Headquartered in Seattle, with offices in Pittsburgh, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Sydney, Panopto has received industry recognition for its innovation, rapid growth, and company culture.


66. Notarize
Category: Document Management
Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Notarize is the leading software platform to allow any person or business to establish identities and get documents legally notarized online, 24/7, from anywhere. From adopting a child to buying or selling a home or car, Notarize’s software and services bring trust to life and business’ most important moments and make them more convenient, secure, and verifiable. Notarize provides digital trust primarily through Remote Online Notarization (RON).

As a category pioneer, Notarize has completed many online firsts, and is the country’s first legal online notarization service for real estate closings, mortgages, wills, and auto sales. Notarize partners with industry-leading companies including the country’s largest real estate companies, homebuilders, trade associations, title companies, mortgage lenders, retirement companies, iBuyers, and several of the Fortune 100.

Led by CEO Pat Kinsel, Notarize offers a fully legal and compliant service to highly regulated industries that is able to meet every customer’s requirements and needs. Notarize has software solutions for consumers, businesses, and the 4M+ commissioned notaries in the U.S. Notarize has grown 600% since March 2020, and is on the forefront of software and product development, as well as policy efforts at the state and federal level to allow for expanded digital services across the country.


67. Botkeeper
Category: Bookkeeping Software
Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Botkeeper is a leading automated bookkeeping solution that provides accounting firms and their clients a powerful combination of skilled accountants, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The various packages provide full-suite bookkeeping & pre-accounting solutions, a consolidated platform consisting of tools to optimize firm processes, and the highest quality support, all designed to meet a company’s unique needs at any stage of growth. Accounting firms running on Botkeeper are able to grow their business, diversify their service offerings, increase capacity, and reduce stress during tax time—all while improving their overhead costs.

The powerful and easy-to-use solution has helped firms across the United States to maximize their potential, better serve their clients, and do more of what they love. Botkeeper’s software has brought next-level success to companies working in fields from education and finance to hospitality and government, and is a proud strategic partner of firms including ADP, Gusto, Leyton, and MindBridge. The company has been recognized numerous times in the last year alone for its rapid growth and workplace environment.


68. Jungle Scout
Category: Ecommerce
Location: Austin, Texas

Jungle Scout is the leading all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon, supporting more than $8 billion in annual Amazon revenue. Founded in 2015 as the first Amazon product research tool, Jungle Scout today features a full suite of best-in-class business management solutions and powerful market intelligence resources to help entrepreneurs and brands manage their ecommerce businesses. Jungle Scout is headquartered in Austin, Texas and supports 10 global Amazon marketplaces.

Originally developed by CEO Greg Mercer as a Google Chrome extension, in 2021 Jungle Scout raised $110 million to expand its operations. It has already put those funds to use, acquiring Seattle-based Downstream Impact – which manages more than $250 million per year in Amazon advertising spending. Downstream’s automation capabilities will, once fully integrated, enable Jungle Scout to optimize its campaigns to be more competitive on Amazon – primarily on the paid search platform Amazon Marketing Services, which accounts for the bulk of Amazon’s ad revenue. Downstream was founded in 2017 by former Amazon employees Connor Folley and Salim Hamed amid a surge in advertising on Amazon. Jungle Scout has also used its capital funding to extend its SaaS platform to Walmart.

The economic boom experienced by electronic retailers in the wake of the pandemic has significantly right-shifted Jungle Scout’s growth trajectory, growing roughly 50% YoY. According to Amazon advertising is its fastest-growing business, representing nearly $21.5 billion in annual revenue in 2020, a 66% year-over-year increase.


69. Lever
Category: Talent Acquisition
Location: San Francisco, California

Lever is a leading talent acquisition suite that makes it easy for talent teams to reach their hiring goals and to connect companies with top talent. Lever is the only platform that provides all talent acquisition leaders with complete ATS and robust CRM capabilities in one product, LeverTRM. The Lever Hire and Lever Nurture features allow leaders to scale and grow their people pipeline, build authentic and long-lasting relationships, and source the right people to hire. Lever Analytics provides customized reports with data visualization, which detail offers completed and interview feedback, as well as strategic decisions between hiring managers and executives alike. Features include a browser extension for sourcing, bulk emailing capabilities, archiving or tagging candidates, and email scheduling.

Lever was founded in 2012 by Sarah Nahm, Nate Smith, and Randal Truong to tackle the most strategic challenge that companies face: how to grow their teams. Lever has raised over $73 million in funding and currently has been used over one million times to hire applicants.

Lever’s platform also enables companies to hire with inclusivity in mind, helping eliminate any hiring bias. To this end, Lever boasts a 50:50 gender balance on its executive team. Lever supports the hiring needs of over 3,500 companies around the globe, including the teams at Netflix, Atlassian, KPMG, and McGraw-Hill Education.


70. Influitive
Category: Customer Advocacy, Community and Engagement Platform
Location: Toronto, Canada

Influitive helps the world’s leading brands engage with their customers to drive business value across multiple dimensions. Customer referrals, references and reviews are now recognized as the most effective way to drive business growth and Influitive enables this at scale. Since 2010, Influitive has pioneered advocate marketing and built an easy-to-use SaaS platform that enables companies to design personalized journeys using advanced targeting, game mechanics and rewards that incentivize customers to promote their brand, adopt new product features and become loyal advocates.

Influitive is the G2 leader in Customer Advocacy and Online Community Management and has been recognized as a leader in Community software by its customers on TrustRadius, Gartner Digital Markets and Featured Customers. It is the platform of choice for customer-obsessed brands that want to drive customer engagement, build customer community, enhance customer experience, deepen customer loyalty and boost customer advocacy. Collectively, Influitive has recorded more than 100 million acts of advocacy and powered more than $1 billion in ROI value for its customers.

Led by CEO Dan McCall, Influitive is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with over 100 employees across North America and Europe. Global brands such as Adobe, Cisco, IBM, HPE, Mountain Dew and SoFi rely on Influitive to help foster collaboration, build trust and deepen relationships with customers for top-line growth and bottom-line profits.


71. Simpplr
Category: Intranet Design
Location: Redwood City, California

With people increasingly working from home, businesses have put a focus on trying to engage and manage employees remotely. Simpplr is a modern employee intranet that drives employee productivity and attention by creating an intelligent, appealing, and integrated digital workplace. Simpplr's software allows for employees to distribute content in a manageable and effective manner, just as they are accustomed to doing on their social networks.

The end-to-end encrypted platform also integrates with digital workspaces like Box, Google Drive, Slack, and Microsoft Office 365 while using AI to drive employee communications, create social workspaces within Simpplr, and even view analytics. Users can see which content is performing best in terms of views and engagement, allowing company leadership to personalize employees’ experiences based on what is needed most.

Simpplr is trusted by leading brands including Box, Workday, AAA, DocuSign, Eurostar, and Columbia University to connect and engage users. In 2020 alone, Simpplr grew annual recurring revenue by 130% while serving more than 300 customers at a 97% retention rate. The company is headquartered in Redwood City, California, with offices in the U.K. and India.


72. vcita
Category: Business and Client Management
Locations: Tel Aviv, Israel

In 2010, Itzik Levy and Eran Utmazgin launched vcita, founded on the vision that small business owners deserve better ways to do business. vcita was originally designed as an online scheduling platform. However, over time it has evolved to become the all-in-one business management and client engagement app. By empowering the digitalization of partners and SMEs, they are able to focus on what matters most: building businesses and communities that they are proud of.

With more than 1.4 million users worldwide and partnerships that include the likes of banks, financial service providers, and fintech firms, vcita delivers an innovative digital solution uniquely designed to serve the needs of service providers. vcita accelerates SME digital transformation by motivating greater opportunities from the web, mobile, email, and social media, equipping users to self-serve and build long-lasting resilience. It provides SME clients with the tools they need to shift into hybrid mode, allowing them to remain competitive in an ever-changing, digital-first economy.

Championing digital and financial inclusion for SMEs, vcita is proud to be supporting the most agile, creative, and resilient segment of entrepreneurs, helping SME owners manage the fundamentals of their day-to-day business: money, time, and clients.


73. Visual Lease
Category: Accounting Software
Location: Woodbridge Township, New Jersey

Visual Lease is the #1 lease optimization software for managing, analyzing, streamlining, and reporting on lease portfolios. Developed by industry-leading lease professionals and CPAs, it combines GAAP, IFRS, and GASB-compliant lease accounting controls with easy, flexible, and automated lease management processes. More than 700 of the world’s largest publicly traded and privately-owned corporations rely on Visual Lease to control their lease portfolios, integrate with their existing business systems, and maintain regulatory compliance. Committed to ongoing innovation and unparalleled customer service, Visual Lease helps organizations transform their lease compliance requirements into financial opportunities.

The company was founded in 1995 and is led by CEO and Founder Marc Betesh, COO Clark Convery, and SVP Marketing Erinn Tarpey. Recently, the company announced that Guy Zerega would join the company as SVP of Sales. The imperative for companies to implement lease accounting and management software has never been more important. New lease accounting standards ASC 842, GASB 87, and IFRS 16 will have a material impact on financial leaders across all industries.


74. Widen
Category: Cloud Services
Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Widen helps brands deliver content with confidence. Their cloud-based DAM and PIM software, the Widen Collective, empowers marketers to bring content together, send it anywhere, and automate in between. The apps featured on its flagship Widen Collective platform provide specialized software solutions that help an enterprise catalog and deliver media assets, precisely track site performance metrics, easily create on-point web content with custom templates, and coordinate tasks among teams of employees.

Trusted by more than 700 companies and one million users, Widen boasts a 73-year track record of innovation and customer success. Customers include Dyson, New Balance, Crayola, and Hootsuite. Widen is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin and London, UK. In recent months Widen has continued to build up its digital presence with the launch of a new Collective mobile app as well as continuous advancements to its management application Paths. Widen has also made waves with the announcement of its recent partnerships with Outfit, Shutterstock, Showpad,, and Snap36.


75. WhereScape
Category: Data Automation
Location: Austin, Texas

WhereScape Data Automation software accelerates the design, build, and documentation of complex data ecosystems and allows for fast, iterative collaboration with the business. It orchestrates disparate data sources across any platform to produce accurate reporting in minutes, not weeks.

With data increasing in volume and complexity, and businesses striving to become data-driven, agile data management is now a must for digital business. WhereScape data warehouse automation software enables developers to be many times more productive by generating data prototypes and thousands of lines of code using templates and a drag-and-drop GUI instead of manual coding.

WhereScape helps organizations of all sizes use automation technology to design, develop, deploy, and operate data infrastructure faster. Its approach enables Agile methodologies by automating repetitive manual tasks, freeing staff up to focus on higher value tasks and collaboration with the business on strategy and goal delivery. WhereScape also helps companies to migrate to the cloud faster and create sustainable architectures that are not locked in to any one vendor or modelling approach.

Every WhereScape customer—including the likes of Boots, VW, Toyota Financial Services, Admiral Group, Legal & General, and Vodafone—reports clear, measurable benefits from the adoption of its technology.


76. General Global Assistance
Category: Cybersecurity
Location: Washington, D.C.

Generali Global Assistance (GGA), a DC-based, business to business to consumer (B2B2C) care company, has been a leader in the assistance industry since its founding in 1963. A division of the multinational Generali Group, a 200-year-old insurance conglomerate with a presence in more than 50 countries, protecting people from life’s unforeseen events is in their DNA. Over the years, that singular goal has guided GGA’s Identity & Cyber Protection (GGA IDP) business as they work to minimize the impact of today’s risks. Thus, the protection and restoration of identities was a natural fit as they came to know and understand the devastating ramifications that identity theft and cybercrime can have on people’s lives and families.

In 2003, GGA IDP launched one of the first-ever identity theft resolution services, and since then the company has expanded their identity/cyber product line to offer a comprehensive suite of services, which can be accessed from one, easy-to-use online dashboard. Today, GGA IDP is the identity protection engine behind many Fortune 500 companies and is also proudly paving the way in offering identity/cyber protection and resolution internationally. In this vein, GGA IDP recently announced a partnership with Avast to support customers of the digital security leader with credit card freezes, lost wallet assistance, and real-time scam monitoring.


77. DealerSocket
Category: Automotive Technology
Location: Irving, Texas

DealerSocket is bringing customer relationship management software solutions to the automotive sales industry in North America and beyond. Based in Irving, Texas, DealerSocket provides an integrated suite of automotive software solutions used by franchise, independent, and Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) car dealers to increase revenues, enhance, and automate marketing and sales processes while delivering great experiences to customers.

Because the suite is designed exclusively for auto dealers, it provides solutions that tackle inventory management, cost monitoring, accounting, and dealership reporting. In addition, its advanced equity mining tool allows dealers to identify customers with positive equity and create opportunities for potential trade-ins with attractive financing options, giving dealers an advantage over their competition.

The company is led by President and CEO Sejal Pietrzak, a 25-year veteran leader in fast-paced, global enterprise software organizations. In 2020, Pietrzak was recognized in the Automotive News 2020 Class of 100 Leading Women in the North American Auto Industry, and in 2019, The Software Report ranked Pietrzak at No. 7 on its annual Top 50 SaaS CEOs list.


78. Domo
Category: Business Intelligence
Location: American Fork, Utah

In the digital transformation era, data can be one of the most powerful tools a business can long as they can properly harvest it. Founded in 2010, Domo is a Utah-based provider of cloud-based business intelligence and data visualization solutions. The company is one of the many startups that are driving the “Silicon Slopes” of Utah, the fastest-growing hub in the tech industry.

Domo was founded in 2010 by Josh James, who continues to serve as CEO, to help leaders change the way they do business and obtain value from the tens of billions of dollars spent on traditional business intelligence systems. Previously James founded Omniture, leading the company as CEO until it was purchased by Adobe in 2009. He has been recognized by Fortune in its “Top 40 Under 40” twice, as well as receiving accolades for his entrepreneurship from Ernst & Young and Brigham Young University, James’ alma mater.

Recently, Domo was recognized in Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards, receiving an honorable mention for its COVID-19 tracker, a free resource developed rapidly by the company at the onset of the pandemic. The company’s COVID tracker also received multiple Webby Awards in the Apps and Software: Data Management category, among other praise and recognition for its contribution to the pandemic response.


79. Genesys
Category: Customer Experience
Location: Daly City, California

In today’s business landscape, customer experience is one of the most crucial aspects to sustained success and Genesys is committed to making those experiences remarkable. Founded in 1990, the Bay Area company sells customer experience and call center technology to small and medium businesses and enterprises and has grown to offer both cloud-based and hybrid cloud solutions. Its newest platform, Genesys DX, a predictive engagement digital customer engagement platform that unifies its CX and AI capabilities and integrates the Bold360 digital engagement suite recently acquired from LogMeIn. The company’s growth has been fueled by such acquisitions, which it has been amassing throughout the last three decades.

Genesys was founded by Gregory Shenkman and Alec Miloslavsky, who would later start the Exigen Services group, and is currently led by chairman and CEO Tony Bates — formerly of Skype, Microsoft, and GoPro. Recently, the company entered into a strategic partnership with experience management pioneer Qualtrics to unify its XM prowess with Genesys’ engagement expertise to provide clients with an overall look at customer needs. It has also joined SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest mobile carrier, to create a novel artificial intelligence contact center solution. In 2016, the company was valued at nearly $4 billion and continues to experience revenue growth and customer expansion.


80. Intapp
Category: Financial Solutions
Location: Palo Alto, California

Based in Silicon Valley, Intapp powers connected firm management for private equity, investment banking, legal, accounting, and consulting. The company provides cloud software solutions that address the unique operating challenges and regulatory requirements of the global professional and financial services industry. With Intapp’s platform and suite of services, premier firms connect their most important assets — people, processes, and data.

Founded in 2000, Intapp is led by CEO John Hall, formerly co-founder and leader of VA Linux Systems from its startup phase to its IPO. This experience is especially important for Intapp in 2021; Intapp has filed proposed terms for a $278 million IPO. Hall and company anticipate the listing will fuel continued growth in the competitive business and financial SaaS market. In 2020, the company’s revenue was approximately $187 million, an approximately 30% increase from 2019.

The company has two primary offerings: DealCloud and OnePlace. DealCloud is a complete deal, relationship, and pipeline management solution that manages market relationships, prospective clients and investments, current engagements and deal processes, operations, and compliance activities for financial institutions. OnePlace provides complete client and engagement lifecycle management solutions for professional services firms, helping professionals make better decisions faster.


Category: Artificial Intelligence
Location: New York, New York

Based in New York City, ASAPP is a research-driven company focused on elevating enterprise performance with advances in AI that augment human activity and automate workflows. The company provides an AI-powered customer service platform aimed at streamlining and improving the process for customers and call centers alike. Rather than replacing humans with AI-powered software, ASAPP creates solutions that augment and improve customer service agents’ ability to respond to problems. The ideal result makes customer service radically better for both sides of the interaction instead of simply maximizing profits at the expense of user experience.

Founded in 2014, ASAPP is led by founder and CEO Gustavo Sapoznik, a graduate of the University of Chicago and a proponent of the advantages of his company’s industry-leading research arm. Sapoznik hopes to expand ASAPP’s capabilities beyond the call center and into other areas of business that are due for radical AI-fueled upgrades. Thus far, its focus has been natural language processing and converting speech to text using proprietary technology developed by veterans of Apple’s Siri. The company is supported by investors and industry titans like John Doerr and John Chambers, both of whom sit on ASAPP’s advisory board. In 2021, the company raised $120 million at a $1.6 billion valuation.


82. Broadridge Financial Services
Category: Investor Communications
Location: New York, New York

Based in New York City, Broadridge Financial Services is a global financial technology leader that helps clients get ahead of today’s challenges to capitalize on what’s next with communications, technology, and data and analytics solutions. Spun off from ADT in 2007, the firm drives transformation with solutions for enriching client engagement, navigating risk, optimizing efficiency, and generating revenue growth. It is recognized as an invaluable partner for the world’s leading companies and financial institutions, providing essential investor communications tools and other technology-driven solutions.

Recently, the company announced a strategic partnership with The TIFIN Group to integrate and distribute some of the group’s fintech wealth solutions — an agreement that follows Broadridge’s 2021 investment in TIFIN, in a round that also included J.P. Morgan Asset Management and Morningstar. The firm is led by President and CEO Tim Gokey, an experienced executive within the company, boasting nearly 40 years in financial services. Under his leadership, Broadbridge has received accolades including “Best RegTech Solution” by the FTF News Technology Innovation Awards 2020 and “Best Outsourcing Provider” by the Waters Technology Asia Awards 2020.


83. Fastly
Category: Cloud Computing
Location: San Francisco, California

Based in San Francisco, Fastly is a cloud-computing company that provides an edge cloud platform, which is designed to help developers extend their core cloud infrastructure to the edge of the network, closer to users. Fastly’s powerful edge computing platform provides developers with the tools they need to build the most groundbreaking apps — all optimized for speed, security, and scale — so businesses can effectively transform to compete in today’s markets. Edge computing is a relatively new and small market, but analysts predict massive growth in the sector, giving Fastly an early mover advantage in a market that could eclipse $26 billion by 2026.

Fastly was founded in 2011 by Artur Bergman, who currently serves the company as its chief architect and executive chairman, after leading the company as chief executive officer until 2020. In this dual role, Bergman collaborates closely with CEO Joshua Bixby, who was promoted to the role after over six years as a senior executive of the company. Bergman oversees the long-term strategic direction of the company while also focusing on product development. Fastly helps keep many popular websites up and running, including Reddit, Buzzfeed, Spotify, and The New York Times. The company currently boasts a market cap of $6.3 billion.


84. Ascent
Category: Digital Transformation
Location: London, United Kingdom

Headquartered in Reading, UK, Ascent delivers software, data science, data engineering, and advanced analytics services to organizations across the world. Founded in 2003, Ascent enables full-scale digital transformation for its customers through software product development, analytics and data science, IoT solutions, machine learning, DevOps optimization, and modernization of applications, data and platforms. With its primary business in Europe, Ascent has worked with companies across industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, retail, healthcare, and financial services.

In 2019, UK-based private equity firm Horizon Capital purchased a majority interest in Ascent, bringing on CEO Stewart Smythe to oversee its organization. Founder and COO Joseph Sultana co-heads the company’s management team, which also includes CFO Ben Hudson and George Earp, chief of strategy. Near the end of 2020, Ascent successfully acquired Mango Solutions, one of the UK’s largest data science consulting firms and an established partner of the company. Smythe points to the COVID-19 pandemic as a driving factor in the company’s growing demand over the last year, with organizations everywhere racing toward full digital transformation. Clearly, the company intends to utilize its assets to make data science a linchpin of its success.


85. Verkada
Category: Building Security
Location: San Mateo, California

Founded in 2016, Verkada is a Silicon Valley security startup that is focused on modernizing the world of enterprise building security. The company offers security equipment such as video cameras, access control systems, and environmental sensors, all featuring cloud-based machine vision and artificial intelligence. Verkada prides itself on offering a “software-first approach” to make security as seamless and modern as the organizations they protect. Last year the company launched its first access control device, the first shift into integrating security cameras and locks onto a single platform.

Based in San Mateo, California, Verkada also has offices in London and Sydney. More than 3,500 organizations, including 30 Fortune 500 companies, use Verkada to protect people and assets, secure facilities, and gain new insights. In 2019, Forbes included Verkada in its Next Billion Dollar Startups list, as well as that year’s AI 50 list of most promising artificial intelligence companies. In January 2020 Verkada hit unicorn status after its valuation jumped by more than $1 billion when it disclosed an $80 million Series C funding round, resulting in a staggering valuation of $1.6 billion. To date the company has raised ~$140 million in funding.


86. CloudPay
Category: Payroll
Location: Andover, United Kingdom

Based in the United Kingdom, CloudPay provides managed payroll services to multinational organizations with its single, unified SaaS solution. The company delivers end-to-end managed payroll services with its innovative platform that helps reduce costs while improving operations and minimizing manual processes. CloudPay ensures standardized and streamlined payroll functions across different geographies, maintaining compliance and increasing payroll data visibility, helping executives determine new ways to save money.

Founded in 1996 as Patersons, CloudPay has been innovating cloud-based solutions for more than 25 years. In 2001 the company launched the first cloud-based payroll platform for multinational organizations, giving it a tactical advantage over its competition through the early stages of mass cloud development. Throughout the last two decades, CloudPay achieved success while innovating in the fields of digital payments, payroll data analytics, and managed services, and in 2011, it entered a strategic partnership with Workday to provide payroll services for the California-based software company.

Since 2015, CEO Paul Bartlett has led the company’s internal operations and processes while guiding it to create the future of global payroll software. In addition to its all-in-one platform, CloudPay’s in-house payroll experts provide industry-leading managed services and treasury management. Earlier this year, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Edward Shenker was named to The Software Report’s The Top 25 Software Sales Executives of 2021, recognizing his efforts driving the company’s sales during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.


87. FourKites
Category: Logistics & Supply Chain
Location: Chicago, Illinois

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic begins to wane in North America, the global supply chain is still reeling from the disruptive effects of the outbreak. Since the pandemic’s onset, Chicago-based FourKites has been enabling organizations to visualize and optimize their supply chain data, ensuring efficient and effective end-to-end supply chain operations. Founded in 2014 by CEO Matt Elenjickal, FourKites provides the largest global supply chain platform in the world, keeping goods moving across road, rail, ocean, and air for companies as large as Coca-Cola and Walmart.

The FourKites platform gives clients real-time visibility into all aspects of their supply chain, from the warehouse to the destination and every stop in between. The platform unites suppliers with third-party logistics firms in over 70 countries, enabling its customers to lower operating costs, improve on-time performance, and strengthen end-customer relationships. CEO Elenjickal defines and implements the company’s vision and strategy, working closely with the executive team to make the most of FourKites’ exemplary market research.

Recently, FourKites partnered with the Consumer Brands Association to create a new Supply Chain Health and Performance Task Force, an effort aimed at easing supply chain pressures across the consumer packaged goods industry. In 2016, the company won the prestigious Chicago Innovation Award in recognition of its impact on the global chain supply and transportation industries.


88. Gofore
Category: IT Management
Location: Tampere, Finland

Based in Finland, Gofore is leading the digital transformation charge in Europe with its customer-centric approach to business IT services and solutions. Gofore was founded in 2001, quickly pivoting from e-payments to business consultancy, and now aims to use its expert workforce to help transform companies and organizations into their best versions. Over the last two decades Gofore has gone from struggling to success, forecasting continued growth by at least 15% over the next few years.

As an all-in-one business consultancy firm, Gofore provides custom solutions ranging from bespoke software and experience design to cybersecurity and systems development and integration. From top to bottom, the firm provides insights as well as applications for business development while helping its clients make the leap of digital transformation.

Gofore was founded by Timur Kärki and three partners, growing from a small, struggling family business to a publicly listed company with a workforce of over 600 employees and a market cap of over $320 million in USD. After building the company from the ground up as CEO, in 2019 Kärki stepped aside as an executive to take on the role of Chairman of the Board, leaving homegrown executive Mikael Nylund at the helm. The company has been recognized as one of the best places to work in Finland and in Europe at large.


89. Identiv
Category: Cybersecurity
Location: Fremont, California

While cybersecurity makes headlines, the physical security of government organizations, enterprises, health systems, and educational institutions is a less glamorous subject. Based in the San Francisco Bay area of California, Identiv is a global leader in digitally securing the physical world, innovating the fields of radio frequency identification (RFID) and near-field communication (NFC) technology. The company is led by CEO Steven Humphreys, a 40-year veteran of the technology and security sectors, who believes that in order for security to be successful, it must also be convenient.

Through internal development, targeted acquisitions, and investment, Identiv has emerged as an industry-leading security company, protecting organizations and locations including the U.S. government’s most important spaces. The company’s offerings include top-to-bottom physical security solutions that are agile and mobile, providing unique software, hardware, and “Access Control as a Service” solutions as well as logical access control (LAC) products.

With a market cap approaching $400 million and revenue close to $90 million, Identiv is on track to grow at a rate of more than 15% over the near future. Recently, the company joined the DoseID Consortium, the first member-driven industry alliance for the use of RFID technology in the healthcare industry.


90. Murex
Category: Financial Solutions
Location: Paris, France

For 35 years, Murex has been a strong long-term partner for the capital markets, working with financial institutions in over 60 countries to adapt and evolve their IT systems. Based in Paris and with offices on four continents, Murex offers a trade risk management platform — MX.3, now in its third generation — used by banks, asset managers, pension funds, insurance companies, and other financial institutions. The company also works closely with clients to create custom paths to growth and transformation.

Throughout its decades-long existence, Murex has been consistently recognized with industry awards, including for Software Solution of the Year in the 2018 FTF News Technology Innovation Awards and ERM System of the Year in the Risk Technology Awards of the same year. Most recently, Murex’s Chief Marketing Officer Stella Clarke was named to The Top 25 Women Leaders in Software of Europe for 2021 list by The Software Report. At the corporate level, the company has been recognized as a Glassdoor Top 5 France Employer in consecutive years, including 2021.


91. mParticle
Category: Data Analytics
Location: New York, New York

In the modern business ecosystem, data is one of the most valuable assets, and mParticle is enabling companies to master theirs. Headquartered in New York City and with offices in San Francisco, Seattle, Florida, and London, mParticle offers a mobile customer data platform for developers that makes collecting and connecting data easy, providing access to hundreds of vendors without needing to manage multiple integrations. The company boasts a portfolio of some of the biggest brands and companies in the world, including Airbnb, Spotify, Venmo, and Postmates.

mParticle was founded in 2013 by Andrew and Michael Katz, the brothers behind Interclick (sold to Yahoo in 2011), who serve as CTO and CEO respectively. With their experience growing a tech business and bringing it to IPO, the brothers have led mParticle to revenue of nearly $40 million and awards from Compass Intelligence, AdWeek, Deloitte, and the Software & Information Industry Association. One notable investor in the startup is musician and investor Nasir “Nas” Jones, whose portfolio also includes Coinbase, Lyft, Genius, and Dropbox.


92. League
Category: Healthcare Solutions
Location: Toronto, Canada

Managing health benefits can be a headache for employers, employees, and even administrators themselves. Based in Toronto, Canada, League is one of North America’s leading enterprise health operating systems, using the powers of data analytics to create a more personal and customizable experience that improves customer engagement. The League Health OS platform provides a single access hub for employees to engage with their health, lifestyle, and benefit programs. This new "front door" to healthcare eliminates the current sea of point solutions via an integrated ecosystem of over 100 insurance carriers, healthcare partners, and HRIS systems, including Workday and Cleveland Clinic.

League was founded in 2014 by Michael Serbinis, a serial entrepreneur and pioneering technologist with a track record of success. He also serves as board chair of the Perimeter Institute, Canada’s premier center for the study of theoretical physics. In 2020, the company was named to CB Insights’ inaugural Digital Health 150 rankings, recognized as one of the most innovative and promising digital health companies in the world. Recently, the company announced a collaboration with Humana for a novel digital health and benefits platform, with the potential to reach millions of Humana Employer Group and Specialty insurance members.


93. Protegrity
Category: Data Protection
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

For more than 17 years Protegrity has been delivering innovative, data-centric protection for the most sensitive data of the largest brands on the planet. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Protegrity offers a signature Data Protection Platform that allows clients to utilize data without exposing customers, employees, or intellectual property to risks. Harnessing the powers of advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI, clients may provide better services, improve outcomes, innovate products, and drive new revenue channels. Protegrity’s customer-first mission of creating and delivering comprehensive and reliable data security solutions allows its clients to innovate and confidently pursue data-driven initiatives.

Founded in 2004, Protegrity is currently led by CEO Rick Farnell, an experienced executive, and entrepreneur with a track record of successfully leading global software, data analytics, and business development enterprises. Previously, he co-founded Think Big Analytics, which was purchased by Teradata in 2014, and he is also CEO and founding partner of Rapid Formation, a consulting and incubation firm headquartered in Park City. Recently, the company was named Data Security Solution of the Year in the 2021 Data Breakthrough Awards.


94. iboss
Category: Cybersecurity
Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Based in Boston, iboss is an innovative cloud security company that securely connects individuals and organizations to any device or application from anywhere in the world with its Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform. SASE technology provides its clients with a streamlined and simplified cloud-based network and security connection that bypasses traditional enterprise data centers. Founded by twin brothers Paul and Peter Martini, iboss currently boasts a post-money valuation between $500 million and $1 billion and is a rare example of a profitable bootstrapped cybersecurity business.

iboss is a cloud-based platform with a focus on following users instead of perimeters to ensure that Internet access is always secure regardless of user location. Because users are always connected to the iboss cloud platform, their access to the internet and all their files is always protected. The company’s unique architecture is powered by digital containerization, allowing its customers’ data to be processed separately from other customers’ data processes. The results include higher security and greater horizontal scalability.

In January 2021, iboss raised $145 million in growth capital in a newly-closed funding round, providing the company with additional assets to continue improving its cybersecurity capabilities.


Category: Voice Communications
Location: San Francisco, California

With roots in the computer science departments of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Pennsylvania, is bringing voice-to-text into boardrooms and meetings to make note-taking an automatic task. Based in San Francisco, produces a platform that is like an executive assistant that automatically transcribes and takes bullet notes from users’ phone calls and meetings, enabling clients to receive the most valuable insights from any call. That AI-enabled executive assistant, named Fred by the company, can be added into business calls using integrated scheduling and meeting software like Google Calendars and Zoom, quickly and seamlessly transcribing, sorting, and sharing meeting notes with ease. was founded in 2016 by CTO Sam Udotong and CEO Krish Ramineni, who began developing software together in 2015 at MIT, where a failure to scale a campus P2P delivery service led them to branch out into AI-powered voice recognition. After a long development and fundraising period, the company launched its product in 2020, rapidly growing to serve 10,000 teams using a bottom-up sales model. The platform is now used by companies like Twitter, Nike, Uber, Intuit, Salesforce, and more, and has been accelerated thanks to funding from Canaan, Khosla Ventures, F7 Ventures, and Stanford University.


96. Bringg
Category: Delivery Logistics
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Since 2013, Bringg has grown into a world-leading delivery and fulfillment cloud-platform provider, specializing in improving and optimizing last-mile logistics. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and with U.S. headquarters in Chicago, Bringg provides a cloud platform that connects, automates, and orchestrates supply chain technology, people, and providers, making innovative delivery and fulfillment models accessible and valuable to everyone. The company’s mission is to help companies scale up and optimize their customer experiences and logistics operations, making for a more efficient supply chain.

Led by CEO Guy Bloch, Bringg boasts an impressive clientele that includes Walmart, Coca-Cola, Albertsons, and Party City, as well as delivery partnerships with DoorDash, Postmates, Uber, and Lyft. Recently, the company announced a partnership with GoFor, North America’s leading marketplace for last-mile, on-demand, and same-day delivery and logistics, providing its customers with access to GoFor’s expansive solutions. In 2021, Bringg successfully raised $100 million in funding at a valuation of $1 billion, bestowing with it the coveted unicorn status. The round was led by Insight Partners, investors in Shopify, Veeam, and more, and joined by previous backers, including Salesforce.


97. Heap
Category: Product Analytics
Location: San Francisco, California

At its most powerful, product analytics tell a business exactly what is happening in its offerings’ usage, analyzing customer behavior to provide invaluable insights. San Francisco-based product analytics company Heap is dedicated to providing its clients with a comprehensive view of its customers and their needs. Its software automatically collects, organizes, analyzes, and connects customer data, so businesses can create more valuable products and experiences. Heap’s solutions are used by product managers, marketers, dev team leaders, UX designers, and more to adapt to customer needs faster.

Heap was founded in 2013 by Matin Movassate, who served as CEO until March 2021 and still sits as the company’s chairman. Movassate is a former product manager at Facebook with experience in development with Google and Mozilla with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Stanford University. His replacement as CEO, Ken Fine, is the former chief executive of Symphony Commerce and chief customer officer of Medallia. In 2019, the company raised $55 million in Series C funding led by NewView Capital, an investor in Uber MasterClass, Canopy, and other growth technology companies. The funding round gave Heap a post-money valuation between $100-$500 million.


98. Aclima
Category: Environmental Analysis
Location: San Francisco, California

Based in San Francisco, Aclima is a purpose-driven technology company dedicated to catalyzing bold climate action that protects public health, reduces emissions, and advances environmental justice. The company has pioneered an entirely new way to measure and analyze air pollution and greenhouse gases, block by block and around the world. The Aclima hardware and software technology platform translates billions of scientific measurements from its network of stationary and roving sensors into environmental intelligence for governments, businesses, and communities. Aclima operates as a Public Benefit Corporation, ensuring that its mission to fight climate change and pursue environmental justice is not outweighed by profit motives.

Aclima was co-founded in 2010 by Davida Herzl, who serves as the company’s CEO and primary visionary. Under her leadership, Aclima has attracted investments from around the globe, including from Microsoft’s Climate Innovation Fund, helping to scale up its “hyperlocal” air quality mapping project. A partnership with Google Street View has landed Aclima’s mobile air sensors on a small fleet of Google’s mapping vehicles, averaging over 350,000 air-quality data points daily. The private company has raised approximately $64 million to date.


99. Drift
Category: Customer Relationship Management
Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Founded in 2015 in Boston, Drift helps companies engage in real-time, personalized conversations so they can build trust and accelerate revenue. Drift provides a Conversational Marketing platform that combines chat, email, video, and automation to make business buying easier, and its Revenue Acceleration Platform helps companies connect on their own terms. The company was founded by CEO David Cancel, the serial entrepreneur behind Performable (acquired by HubSpot), Ghostery, and, and his Performable partner CTO Elias Torres. The two have developed Drift to eliminate forms in the sales process, replacing them with messaging bots that engage customers in a more conversational style in order to gather information.

The two execs also aimed to create a company that encourages a diverse set of ideas and opinions and promotes equity and inclusion in the workplace. As two of the few Latinx founders of venture capital-funded startups, they strive to be role models for their own employees and other minorities interested or involved in the tech industry. The Boston Business Journal and Comparably have both awarded Drift “Best Workplace in Boston” awards, and the company received the 2020 “LinkedIn Best Startup” award, as well. In its last round of fundraising, in 2018, the company was valued at $360 million.


100. Beamery
Category: Talent Management
Location: London, United Kingdom

At a time when the “talent market” is high both in volume and quality, recruitment and hiring technology is in desperate need of upgrading within many companies. Enter Beamery and its comprehensive “Talent Operating System” that helps manage sourcing, hiring and retaining of a highly skilled workforce, as well as visualizing the bigger human capital picture through its “talent graph,” all in an end-to-end, all-in-one service. As organizations manage the recent boom in remote working, Beamery hopes to enable those enterprises to streamline the recruitment, application, hiring and retention processes of HR. The company reports a significant uptick in business since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, helping its clients fill at least a million roles during the preceding year.

Beamery is led by co-founder and CEO Abakar Saidov, formerly a financial analyst for Goldman Sachs, who touts the company’s ability to consolidate workflows as a key advantage sought by its clientele. Recently, Beamery raised $138 million in its latest round of fundraising at an estimated valuation of $800 million, with investments coming from Canadian pension fund operator Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board as well as the investment arms of Microsoft, Accenture, and Workday.