Oracle’s Safra Catz, NVIDIA’s Jensen Huang See Immense Value in Collaboration

Artificial intelligence is poised to drive the next big shift in the technology world, and many companies are working together to advance their positions in the budding segment. In October 2022, software giant Oracle announced a partnership with computing technology company NVIDIA that would unite the former’s infrastructure and the latter’s lauded computer chips. Oracle CEO Safra Catz and NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang joined each other for a fireside chat during Oracle CloudWorld in Las Vegas, where they discussed their expanding partnership.

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The two companies recently announced plans to bring NVIDIA’s full accelerated computing stack to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), including NVIDIA AI Enterprise and NVIDIA Clara for healthcare. Also, the chip manufacturer will provide tens of thousands of its popular GPUs to the OCI with the hopes of accelerating computing. Huang believes that the combination of Oracle’s experience and NVIDIA’s AI expertise will prove beneficial to both companies — and the tech world, in general.

Catz is particularly excited about the potential benefits to the healthcare industry, which she sees as being driven by both science and engineering. Both leaders also touted the potential AI has to transform every industry, such as automotive, which is consistently growing into more of a tech-based landscape.