Software AG’s Sanjay Brahmawar Takes Balanced Approach to Close in on $1B Revenue

Since taking the helm of Software AG in 2018, Chief Executive Officer Sanjay Brahmawar has overseen quite the transformation. One of the largest and oldest software companies in Europe, Software AG has flourished under the care of Brahmawar, who has led it through investment, acquisition, and growth. Now, the energetic executive has his company on track to hit $1 billion in revenue in 2023.

In 2021, the company entered an agreement with Silver Lake Partners LLP, worth $378 million, to support M&A and fuel its Helix program—the cloud-oriented growth strategy enacted by the CEO in 2018. Later, in early 2022, Software AG announced its acquisition of StreamSets, Inc., a data integration SaaS company, allowing the company to further expand beyond its roots in databases and program languages. As the end of Brahmawar’s first five-year plan draws near, he is preparing a new plan for the next five years. He hopes to see a significant increase in sales through hyperscale cloud providers.