A-LIGN Stands By Corporate Values And Its Employees Amid Growth Resulting From Accelerated Digital Transformation

In 2020 Tampa, Florida-based company A-LIGN was fortunate enough to not only experience rapid revenue growth but also grow its workforce. “Like many other businesses, [the company] faced unforeseen challenges in 2020, but it quickly adapted to what became the new normal,” a spokesperson for A-LIGN told The Software Report.

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Founded in 2009 by Gene Geiger and Scott Price, A-LIGN is no stranger to economic dips, though it’s always been able to rely on its unique, single-provider approach to compliance. By expanding its breadth of service offerings and launching A-SCEND, its proprietary compliance management platform to continue helping organizations secure their business and navigate their compliance goals, even as the world reeled from a global pandemic, A-LIGN persevered.

With the accelerated move to the cloud and consequential digital transformation caused by the transition to a remote workforce, there’s been a renewed focus on security and compliance. A-LIGN, recognized as a Top 25 Cybersecurity Company of 2020, has been vigilant in “pushing businesses to proactively mitigate vulnerabilities with an increased threat landscape in a fully digital world.”

With 330 employees located in Tampa, Denver, Bulgaria, and remote locations around the globe, A-LIGN serves 2,500 clients. Notably, it became one of the first ANAB-accredited ISO 27701 certification bodies and was among the first 20 CMMC C3PAO firms authorized to conduct CMMC assessments.

While the world around it changed rapidly, the company’s values remained the same. “We are committed to be all in, commit to quality, innovate constantly and do the right thing— always.” It’s a qualification many companies make, though A-LIGN truly stands behind its culture. In 2020 the company transitioned into a fully remote workforce, a testament to their tenant of being “all in,” but the company went further to ensure the health and wellness of its employees.

There have been online cooking classes, trivia, and team happy hours; just a few ways they’ve managed to make people feel connected even as they’ve remained apart. This commitment to its workforce is reflected back in the quality of work they put out, as a renowned security and compliance solutions provider.

It comes as no surprise that A-LIGN has attracted some of the most innovative thought leaders in the cybersecurity sector. In 2020, the company hired Michael Branca as Chief Financial Officer, Michael Herdegen as Chief Technology Officer, and Brian Gladstein as Senior Vice President of Marketing. It’s employees — which the company refers to as “climbers” — are what A-LIGN credits for its success.

Though amidst the chaos of the global health crisis, the company is cognizant of the critical role it plays in today’s digital landscape. “Compliance has become even more critical for organizations since the onset of COVID, with a remote workforce creating more threats to security and privacy,” the company explains. “There are only a handful of firms who specialize in the breadth and depth of cybersecurity compliance services that A-LIGN offers, and we are prepared to grow and continue leading the industry in the years to come.”