A Transition In Leadership At

When over $250 million has been invested in a company, results are expected. After being in existence for over 15 years, for the last two years has stood at an employee count of around 500 employees. Although employee count is not a perfect indicator of growth it can reveal some insights of what may be happening behind the scenes. Recently, it was announced that COO Chris Harrington would replace founder Dave Elkington as CEO.

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Dave states, “As continued to grow and my vision of creating a software company that enables the largest enterprise companies in the world to service their customers from lead to renewal became a reality, I had always planned to find a leader with the unique skills and abilities to take the company to the next level into that market.”

He adds, “This past year I was fortunate enough to work alongside Chris. He has proven himself a software and sales visionary and an unmatched growth leader in the SaaS industry time and time again. Chris takes over at a key inflection point and shift in trajectory for He’s the ideal leader to enable us to fully capitalize on the massive market potential we’ve unlocked with our enterprise solutions.”

Indeed Chris Harrington has an impressive track record. Prior to joining, he held leadership positions at Omniture, Adobe and Domo. At Omniture, Chris drove seven years of annual recurring revenue growth from $4 million to over $500 million. At ach of Adobe and Domo he was responsible for $890 million and $2 billion in revenue, respectively.

Over the last two years, has transitioned its workforce towards sales and customer support while shedding personnel in other areas. Perhaps it’s this repositioning that will propel the organization in the months ahead for more rapid growth.

The Company has received backing from Salesforce Ventures, Polaris Partners, U.S. Venture Partners, and Polar Capital Management, among other investors. It was founded in 2004 and is based in Provo, Utah.