Acronis Extends Backup Capabilities to SAP HANA Data

Earlier this month, cyber protection company Acronis announced that the backup and recovery capabilities of its Acronis Backup product have been extended to SAP HANA data.

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With this expansion, SAP HANA joins the roster of 20 other physical, application, virtual, cloud, endpoint and mobile system platforms supported by Acronis Backup. The added script-based, verified backup and recovery support for SAP HANA is also an important first step in increasing connectivity between Acronis’ suite of cyber protection services and SAP HANA’s widespread enterprise data management capabilities. Over 27,000 business enterprises currently utilize SAP HANA databases.

Acronis believes that this expanded support will enable its customers to more easily and effectively protect their entire IT environments from cyber threats. The protection offered by Acronis Backup covers a company’s entire database—ranging from servers to mobile devices and cloud workloads—from a single database without any necessary knowledge or experience with SAP HANA.

Acronis director of cyber protection James Slaby outlined the range of benefits offered to his firm’s customers who utilize SAP HANA databases: “…add SAP HANA support to [Acronis Backups’ ability to protect a whole IT environment], and suddenly Acronis partners gain access to an important, large segment of the enterprise market. SAP HANA is widely used in business, with tens of thousands of deployments, but backing it up has historically been a headache for IT departments. It uses an in-memory architecture, and deployments are typically large, complex, performance-sensitive and data-intensive. Acronis makes backing up SAP HANA easy, efficient and secure with the use of ready-to-use, prepackaged scripts. IT operations staffs can … quickly recover SAP HANA environments from any data losses, minimizing the duration and cost of downtime from issues like hardware failures and malware attacks.”

In addition, Slaby announced that Acronis’ partners have the capability of adding SAP HANA support to existing support provided by Acronis across computing environments: “[Our partners] can sell SAP HANA customers the other innovative virtues of Acronis Backup, like restore of SAP HANA systems to a variety of destinations (physical, virtual, cloud), near-instantaneous recovery times (by restoring directly from backup as VMware VMs), and the use of native SAP HANA snapshot technology.”

Acronis Backup is just one of the cyber protection products offered by the Swiss- and Singapore-headquartered global technology firm. Acronis currently counts over 500,000 business customers in over 190 countries, including 79 of the world’s top 100 most valuable brands.